Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Orion Magazine > July | August 2005 > David James Duncan > What Fundamentalists Need

Orion Magazine is wonderful. Each issue includes thoughtful, reflective essays from the likes of Rick Bass and Terry Tempest Williams. I discovered it through Utne Reader. Take a look at this gem:

What Fundamentalists Needan excerpt:

"The gulf between" ... "open-hearted evangelism and the aims of modern fundamentalism is vast. Most of the famed leaders of the new 'Bible-based' American political alliances share a conviction that their causes and agendas are approved of, and directly inspired, by no less a being than God. This enviable conviction is less enviably arrived at by accepting on faith, hence as fact, that the Christian Bible pared down into American TV English is God's 'word' to humankind, that this same Bible is His only word to humankind, and that the politicized apocalyptic fundamentalists' unprecedentedly selective slant on this Bible is the one true slant."

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