Thursday, October 27, 2005 - Cindy Rodriguez

Denver Post columnist Cindy Rodriguez. A regular read for me. Today she had a lot to say about Billy O'Lielly:

O'Reilly spin leaves me dizzy

"Amazing. I never knew so many people disliked Bill O'Reilly until I wrote about him in Tuesday's paper.

I stopped counting because every few seconds a new e-mail was popping into my inbox, but it was more than 300, most of them agreeing with me that O'Reilly is a bully.

The subject lines included "Great O'Reilly Article," "O'Reilly the bully," "Thank you Cindy," "O'Reilly is a jerk!" and "You go, girl."

Of course, after O'Reilly's staff posted my column on his website at midafternoon Tuesday, I started getting e-mails that read "Clueless!" and "You are wrong!"

After his taped show aired Tuesday night, during which he lambasted me, I got dozens more. With a straight face, he told the audience that he never interrupts guests. Then he said that I had labeled him a bigot, something I've never done.

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