Tuesday, May 29, 2007

AntiWar.com: Why Are We in Iraq? Don't bother examining a folly, advised Ayn Rand – ask yourself only what it accomplishes…

The Republican Plan For 2008 Begins Today by Thom Hartmann

Andrew Sullivan: Verschaerfte Vernehmung, in other words, criminal torture is evil whether it is done by Nazis or by Bushevics... Bush/Cheney/Gonzales deserve to go to jail as war criminals. We as a nation need to reclaim the high ground.

WaPost: Fitzgerald points again to Cheney.

New Yorker: Repugs turn against Rove

Hullaballoo: The Truth will set us free

Video: Christopher Hitchens speaks out about his latest book, God is not Great.

NYT Book
Review by Michael Kingsley

The Cheney-Bush Legacy and Open Society

How can people still be denying Global Warming?

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