Sunday, July 08, 2007

Ecotality has clips from Live Earth

Charley Rose interviewed Guenter Grass Monday night. He came off very well... John Irving gives a well-deserved gushing review of "Peeling the Onion" in today's NY Times Book Review.

I did a 3-2-1 from the summit of Pikes Peak today. What is a 3-2-1? Run from the summit down to the 3-miles-to-go sign, run to the summit, run back down to the 2-miles-to-go sign, run to the summit, run back down to the 1-mile-to-go sign, run to the summit. I took a pratfall near the summit on my way down to the last segment from the 1-mile-to-go sign. It must have looked pretty bad because I heard someone say "Are you all right?" to which I responded "I'm OK". They continued "Are you sure?" I was in no mood to continue the conversation so from my prone position, face down on the rocks I yelled, "I'm all right. Don't ask me again!!" I had pain on both knees, shoulder, and hand. As of this writing I have pain on my finger, shoulder and one knee. Not sure about the finger as it is swollen and kind of "hamburgerized" at the joint. Shoulder and knee are fine.

Sixth time to the summit of Pikes Peak (14,110') in 2007. Estimated 50th life time summit run.

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