Sunday, February 10, 2008

Google Video: Zeitgeist: The Movie (2 hrs) Fascinating film explains the origins of Christianity in mythology and pagan traditions of the Zodiac.


Kerstin said...

This is Kerstin Palmer saying hi! I am now working for Rocky Mountain Survivors Center, with survivors of international torture. Funded in part by the UN. It is the best job I have ever had; very international and very meaningful. The workplace is filled with people who speak all kinds of langauges and has lived all over the world.
It looks like you are voting for Obama?
I am thinking Clinton.
How are you, are you with Rebecca and the airforce?
Hope you are good!

Steve Bremner said...

Looks like a great organization, Kerstin! Yeah, I voted for Obama after my initial straw poll vote for Mike Gravel. Hillary would be okay too. Another Republican would be a disaster. Our country is probably already doomed for the dustbin of history just from Bush.