Tuesday, April 08, 2008

American River 50

The first 27 miles were flat on asphalt bike path so I tried to run as slow as I could and stay on the dirt sides as much as possible. I reached 27.4M in 3:24 -- plenty fast for me at my advanced age but I felt just fine. The final half of the race was scenic rolling single track trail through beautiful meadows with wildflowers interspersed with sections of forest. I hit cruise mode and passed about ten people up until the "Last Gasp" aide station at mile 47.6. The final 2.4 miles were up a steep road and here I flagged a bit getting passed at the last minute by two runners: one of them Tim Twietmeyer who has run the race 29 of the 30 times it has been run with a PR of 6:05 on the course. Rebekka followed my trek in style in our rented Cadillac STS, saving the day by returning to me 10 miles later the water bottle I had inadvertently discarded that held all my salt tablets! She had to really scurry along the course as I ran faster than advertised!

Winner Anton Krupicka's AR50 race report

Jean Pommier, good friend and 2nd place finisher at this year's Costa Rica Coastal Challenge, his AR50 race report

My finish: 7 hours 13 minutes; 1st 50 - 59 age group; 24th overall

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Rocky Randall said...

It recently took me over seven hours to run 33 miles. Not that I was racing, but I wanted you to know I am quite impressed--good job.