Sunday, May 11, 2008

Interesting Trails...

I left my house this morning with the plan to run up the Barr Trail to No-Name Creek (mile 3), then turn right on Longs Ranch Road to the intersection with Bob's Road, then continue on an obscure trail down Hurricane Canyon that leads eventually to the Manitou Reservoir, take another trail that ascends to the Barr Trail at the 7.8 mile-to-go sign, then continue on to Barr Camp before returning down the Barr Trail.

However, when I neared the Manitou Reservoir I noticed the forest service had erected a sign that pointed north with "Heizel Trail" on it. I had forgotten where this trail goes so I headed up it to see if I could get a bead on where it terminates. At first it was not a trail at all, but just a way through the open woods marked by the occasional red tag on trees. It popped out on the "real" Heizel Trail where there was a trail post pointing down the trail I had just ascended stating to stay on the trail down at the Manitou Reservoir. Apparently they are trying to keep people away from the reservoir which is why they are trying to redirect the Heizel Trail. I continued up the Heizel Trail past some fantastic granite formations and occasional outstanding views of the Peak until it crested on a high ridge overlooking highway 24 and Cascade. At this point I jettisoned my plans to return to the Barr Trail and descended the Heizel Trail to the town of Cascade, ran down the Highway to the Ute Pass Trail and returned to Manitou Springs with a side-line on the Pipeline Trail.

Very interesting 3.5 hours!

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