Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Richard Heinberg's MuseLetter #193: It's Happening Global Warming, that is...

I completely agree with Glen Greenwald that Jeremiah Wright deserves much more attention.

500 Climate Changers List from DailyKos

Elvis Costello - I Don't Want To Go To Chelsea ( Live )

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Venice Beach, Friday, April 25th
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Monday, April 21, 2008

The 4th Branch

Found this on Larisa Alexandrovna's At-Largely Blog It is brilliant!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

A bench returns to nature in the cloud forest in Costa Rica....

We spent this morning hiking the trails of Monteverde Forest Preserve at 4000' elevation on the Continental Divide. Fantastically high ferns, moss-covered trees rising 200' to the sky covered with multiple varieties of orchids and epiphytes. What is an epiphyte? A plant that lives on its host in a non-parasitic relationship, that is it draws its minerals and water from the clouds and mist in the air.
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Larisa Alexandrovna: At-Largely: Your Legacy Mr President: Chapter 1, War Crimes

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Just arrived in Costa Rica. Picked up the rental SUV with GPS. Dialed in Monteverde and away we go...

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

American River 50

The first 27 miles were flat on asphalt bike path so I tried to run as slow as I could and stay on the dirt sides as much as possible. I reached 27.4M in 3:24 -- plenty fast for me at my advanced age but I felt just fine. The final half of the race was scenic rolling single track trail through beautiful meadows with wildflowers interspersed with sections of forest. I hit cruise mode and passed about ten people up until the "Last Gasp" aide station at mile 47.6. The final 2.4 miles were up a steep road and here I flagged a bit getting passed at the last minute by two runners: one of them Tim Twietmeyer who has run the race 29 of the 30 times it has been run with a PR of 6:05 on the course. Rebekka followed my trek in style in our rented Cadillac STS, saving the day by returning to me 10 miles later the water bottle I had inadvertently discarded that held all my salt tablets! She had to really scurry along the course as I ran faster than advertised!

Winner Anton Krupicka's AR50 race report

Jean Pommier, good friend and 2nd place finisher at this year's Costa Rica Coastal Challenge, his AR50 race report

My finish: 7 hours 13 minutes; 1st 50 - 59 age group; 24th overall

Monday, April 07, 2008

vatican queens
Google Video: The World According to Monsanto: A Documentary Americans will never see
Earthlings -- 1 hour 35 minute documentary -- we are all earthlings: fish, animal, plant -- we are all on this earth evolving together

Saturday, April 05, 2008

My toes after running Sacramento's American River 50-miler today. I finished 24th overall and first in the 50-59 age group.
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Friday, April 04, 2008

Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson

The Hillbilly Report

If I Were A Terrorist!

Rep. Jane Harman Comments on The Release of Bush's Law by Eric Lichtblau on TPMCafe.com and gets slammed by a tough crowd

The "On The Table" primary challenge movement started in San Francisco with Shirley Golub is spreading all over the country.

Mark Welyczko in OR-01, Joe Walsh in OR-03 and Nancy Moran in OR-05 are "The Impeach Team", putting the heat on their districts to put them in the impeachment column to support H.Res 799 to impeach Dick Cheney, and to support Wexler's call for impeachment hearings.

Larisa Alexandrovna: Of Violent Sex Crimes Covered up by your Tax Dollars

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Slate: Fixing it: Repairing some of the worst Bush administration screw-ups.
End the war on terror as a legal paradigm; abolish military commissions, and restore FISA.

Vanity Fair: The Green Light As the first anniversary of 9/11 approached, and a prized Guantánamo detainee wouldn’t talk, the Bush administration’s highest-ranking lawyers argued for extreme interrogation techniques, circumventing international law, the Geneva Conventions, and the army’s own Field Manual. The attorneys would even fly to Guantánamo to ratchet up the pressure—then blame abuses on the military. Philippe Sands follows the torture trail, and holds out the possibility of war crimes charges.

Kirst's Earthship's Adventures in Taos

Larisa Alexandrovna: Torture Americana

TomGram: Howard Zinn: End of Empire

Figure out how to watch "Garbage Warrior" a documentary on Earthship builder Michael Reynolds...

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

'Stop-Loss' Trailer

Saw this movie last Sunday. Every American needs to see this. They need to confront the raw truth of what the Iraq occupation means to middle America. We are ruining young souls for what? FOR WHAT? OIL? WAKE UP AMERICA!

The Worst Environmental Disaster in the history of the world. The process of extracting and refining tar sands -- also known as Canadian crude -- involves strip-mining a 50,000-square-mile span of forest (approximately the size of Florida) located in the western Canadian province of Alberta.

Bill Gross on the credit meltdown: Pyramids Crumbling

The Collapse Party A new party whose time has come? We need to confront our impending collapse. Is "the Collapse Party" going to surge on our two-party system as we implode like the old Soviet Union?

Dmitry Orlov: The Five Stages of Collapse (We are in the first stage -- credit collapse)

World Food Prices Soar as Asia consumes more

LA Times: Perfect Storm of Hunger in the Third World

Review of Dmitry Orlov's "Re-Inventing Collapse"

Slab City

On a sun blanched slab in the California desert, a new off-the-grid, on-the-slab city has been attracting full-time vacationers for years.