Saturday, August 22, 2009

Manitou Reservoir from timberline on Pikes Peak

View from timberline on Pikes Peak. This morning I did some exploring. I ran nine miles from my home in Manitou Springs to A-Frame (timberline), then proceeded cross-country southwards to a grassy plateau. From there I marched up slope looking for a trail built by Fred Barr nearly 100 years ago. I turned into the Cirque, a huge natural basin on the south slopes of the Peak where I found a cairn! The well formed trail shortly came into view. I followed it back towards Barr Trail to see where it joined the trail up Pikes Peak. The trail was in and out through grassy slopes, but cairns kept me on track until the trail came back into rocks where it was more evident. After crossing the main drainage off the peak (where about six fuel barrels dumped off the summit years ago had come to rest) the ancient trail joined the Barr Trail ten feet from the 3-mile-to-go sign. I love finding new trails.
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