Thursday, May 26, 2005

Jim Lampley has truth

In a follow-up posted yesterday by Jim Lampley at, Lampley discusses his original blog item which set off a firestorm when he claimed that Election 2004 was "the biggest crime in the history of the nation".

His latest item suggests what we have been saying here for months: "a mountain of evidence suggests the 2004 Presidential election was decisively tampered with and general media are doing nothing about it."


ManicNole said...

Dear Steve,

I figured I come over and check your site out. WOW. Just, WOW. You think Johnny Leffingwell is just an automaton, towing the line. Geesh.

A little backround on me. When I turned 18, I wanted to register as an Independant. However, in the State of Florida, in order to vote in a primary, I had to register either Demorcrat or Republican. Registering as a Republican was somewhat of a coin toss. I've always voted the person, not the party. Many, if not most of my vote had / have been Democrat. in Palm Beach County, FL, and having lived in Tallahasse, the State Cap., I've seen how the Dems, both in 2000, AND, 2004, jury rigged the elections without success. If you wonder why I have swung so much to the right, it's because of what the Democrats did.

The Republicans didn't do half of what you claim. Even those thing they probably did were AT BEST about 1/4 what the Democrats did. Oh, I remember how the left wing talk radio people didn't want to talk to the poll workers that were being threatened like union workers back in the mafia days. (Like the unions aren't Mafia now...haha.)

As you will see, as I spoke on Johnny's board, I do believe you are a logical and caring person. However, if you had truly seen what went on in Florida in 2000, and 2004 you would see how 10 to 1 the Dems screwed with the elections more than the Republicans did.

Either way, the Democrats will most likelly win the next Presidential election. However..........ANYONE4 BUT HILARY!!!!!!!!!

With respect and admiration, I remain,


Steve Bremner said...

Thanks for stopping by. If the Democrats attempted to rig elections then they need to be prosecuted just as severely as Republicans. Do you have more details on how they "jury rigged" elections? I hadn't heard of anything before your post. I'm not talking about one county. I'm talking about massive nation-wide fraud. 80% of the "black box voting" machines are produced by two companies, both run by brothers who are diehard Republicans. These companies don't allow transparent examination of the source code of their machines because it's "proprietary information". Everywhere e-voting machines were used the exit polls that had favored Kerry swung outside the realm of statistical possibility to Bush. Exit polls are never wrong. In Canada where they use paper ballots they always use exit polls to announce the winners of elections, then verify it days later through counting the ballots. We should do the same or else we forfeit our democracy.

Do some research. It will open your eyes.

Start with this guy's analysis. He's a conservative, Bush supporter who has the ability to analytically look at the facts and can see clearly that the 2004 election was a massive fraud.

And be sure and read Bev Harris' Black Box Voting. The entire book is on her web site as a pdf file:


ManicNole said...

Dear Steve,

It took me awhile to come back to commenting on your blog. My apologies. Still, I think you have found, more or less, my reply to your statements on Johnny's blog. O.K., "MAYBE" you haven't been there , posting under different name, even with the IP's logged. No worries.

I can only speak the best about what happened in Florida in 2000, and 2004. Granted, what I had heard about, even on TV, outside of the state would be considered heresay. Well, even what I witnessed, you would consider, "heresay".

No, you wouldn't consider it, "hearsay", you would most likely just call it dirty lies. O.K.

If I can just ask you one little favor...please?!?!?

When you and your friends take over, and I'm put into a, "re-education camp", can I at least ask for a little gulp of water or bit of bread???


Tom Foley! So you can also make childish fun of my real name.

Steve Bremner said...

Dear Tom,

I guess you didn't follow the links I provided. This isn't a "left vs right" issue, unless you favor a dictatorship by the right with no more left or moderates. It's about the integrity of the vote. I gave you a link to a Bush supporter who outlines just how easy it would be to rig the e-voting machines. Not only does he show you how to do it, he provides evidence that this is likely just what happened. If you can think and reason and you read the argument it is very scary.