Monday, May 16, 2005

Moyers rallies media reformers to support public media, PBS

This site has a link to Bill Moyer's hour-long testimony to the good, heartland soul of America, the opposite of the Busheviks who speak to its worst instincts: a culture of death, torture, lies and greed.

Newshare: A-National Conference for Media Reform: "Author Bill Moyers served notice today that, six months after his retirement from the 'NOW with Bill Moyers' program, conservative attacks on the Public Broadcasting Service 'might compel me back out of the rocking chair and back into the anchor chair.'"

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P-BS-Watcher said...

"Kenneth Tomlinson has his demanding donors. I’ll take the widow’s mite any day." I'll start believing him, as well as take him up on his offer, when he says he would rather have the $500 than the $400 million from Uncle Sam. See Raging Bill