Monday, January 16, 2006

Interview: Mark Crispin Miller Connects the Dots

Buzzflash Interviews Mark Crispin Miller:

"The subversion of electoral democracy ... takes vast planning and tremendous effort, and a ton of laundered cash. In short, it has to be that movement's main concern; and I believe that it is Bush/Cheney's main concern, and that it is the main concern of the regime's most fervent backers."


"Here's another pertinent story that the press recently ignored - a story about 2004. A few weeks ago, it came out that ACORN [Association for Community Organizations for Reform Now] had prevailed in all three trials - two in Florida, one in Ohio - where they'd been sued for "voter fraud" by GOP-connected law firms. The last of the three cases was "dismissed with prejudice." This is highly significant, since ACORN's legendary criminality had long been trumpeted by right-wing propagandists as a veritable sea of evidence that all the fraud out there was Democratic handiwork. Nearly all the lurid propaganda tales of Democratic "voter fraud" concerned ACORN. Vented by a multitude of rightist pols and pundits, those tales ended up in countless mainstream news reports that airily referred to fraud committed "by both sides" in the 2004 campaign.

The point of such fake "balance" was, of course, to skirt the inconvenient fact that the season's vast election fraud was primarily the work of the Republicans. Indeed, even if the propaganda stories about ACORN were all true, there would still be no comparison between such trivial Democratic monkey business and the systematic and collective perfidy of the Bush Republicans."


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