Monday, January 16, 2006

Political Compass Litmus Test

Found this Political Compass Litmus Test on Dr. Kathleen Reardon's home page via Huffington Post. How would George W. Bush answer? Cheney?:

__When a mistake is made, I don't automatically insist on rigid adherence to the course.

__Power is a dangerous vehicle and I don't abuse it.

__Shaping my personal history is less important to me than constructively shaping the future of this country for all of its citizens.

__When a crisis occurs, the buck does indeed stop here?

__I surround myself with thinkers whose views may differ from my own and I listen and learn from them.

__Honesty and accuracy dictate my interactions with the people at whose behest I serve.

__There is a line at which politics becomes pernicious and I refuse to cross it.

__ War is a last resort.

__ My power is as a negotiator, not as a bully.

__I strive daily to be a person of integrity.

Ten points for each “True.” It’s a start.

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