Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Hillary's Blog

Hillary Clinton has a blog. I posted the following on her blog:

I think this is great -- your asking for input on your blog and asking for the issues and concerns of voters. It is so refreshing.

The most important issue is to secure our voting system. We need to get rid of the e-voting Diebold machines that are very questionable and likely have been compromised and hacked in to. Exit polls are historically never wrong. Why did Kerry win the exit polls in 2004 but lose the election? That is an important question that was never answered. The likely answer is that the election was stolen. In 2006 the Democratic win should have been much greater according to the exit polls. Why was the election closer? I will put forth the reason: The Repuglicans miscalculated the tsunami of repugance against their party and didn't tweak the voting machines enough to tilt in their favor. What is wrong with paper ballots? The Canadians use paper ballots. They announce the results based on exit polls, which HISTORICALLY ARE NEVER WRONG, then they count the ballots at leisure over the next few days to corraborate the results.

The second most important issue facing our country is energy independence and global warming. They go hand in hand. We need to get ahead of Hubbert's Peak which in all likelihood is happening right now. The peak of world oil production. What are we going to do in order to transition to the new world of energy? We are addicted to oil that is clear. What is the way ahead to the post-oil world?

Terrorism is a tactic. The so-called "War on Terrorism" gets it wrong. This is coming from a recently retired Air Force officer who is working in the defense industry, namely me. We can't kill 1.2 billion Muslims. We have to find another way. What happened to diplomacy? When we drop bombs on people they rightly resent it. Recently we dropped bombs on some nomads in Somalia, killing 70, wounding 100 because we thought a member of Al Qaeda was there. He wasn't. How would we like it if Iran dropped a bomb in Peoria because they thought there was someone they thought had attacked them five years ago and killed 70 US citizens in a mall. Is that right? We have to take another tack. We are creating terrorists with our wrongheaded approach.

That is enough for now. Looking forward to the dialogue. I'm excited. Good luck Mrs. Clinton! I'm rooting for you.

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