Monday, January 15, 2007

Monday Links

Limitations of Superpowers as applies to God

Booman Tribune: Flashback: It's 1972. In one corner is a President that is authorizing burglaries at home and expanding the bombing campaign abroad. In the other corner is a decorated World War Two veteran that knows the war is lost and there will be no profit in spending three more years postponing the inevitable.

Dailykos diary: Jane Smiley and James Webb—Contrasting Views on The Scots Irish.

Bush administration's ongoing incompetency revealed in this MUST-READ piece in yesterday's WaPost: "On Iraq, U.S. Turns to onetime dissenters".

Might want to change your investment strategy: Major Investment Bank issues warning on strike on Iran.

There was an excellent opinion piece in today's NYT on E-Voting problems. The Good News (Really) about E-Voting Machines.

More voting activist links:

Rebecca Mercuri, Ph. D. has a comprehensive list of voting problems from the 2006 election.

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