Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Links for Wednesday evening

Factory Farming is cruel, but it may also lead to antibiotic resistant staph infections...

Robert Redford's new movie "Lions for Lambs" Roars at Rome Film Festival (And yes, it's very political)

Amy Goodman sez: "Hold Politician's Feet to the Fire" --literally--regarding global warming and the fires in California

In the last week or so I've come to know several very key people and their ideas. They have hit me hard and their message resonates with the current of the times.

1) Naomi Wolf with her new book "The End of America" on the slow march towards totalitarianism that is happening in our country. Start with her profile on or her author blog on Powell's web site. I watched her on C-Span After Words last night and was so impressed that I downloaded the podcast of the interview and listened to it again today. She outlines the ten steps that totalitarian regimes take to shut down democracy. They track right along with what Bush/Cheney are doing. Read the introduction to "The End of America".

2) Bill McKibben is leading the fight to bring awareness of the urgency of Global Warming through his efforts at and his writings, most recently Deep Economy.
He spoke at Colorado College last month but at the time I didn't even know who he was. Since then I've read one of his books "Wandering Home" about a 200-mile trek between his two homes-- one in Vermont and the other in upstate New York.

3) Naomi Klein with her new book "The Shock Doctrine" in which she articulates the way disaster capitalism moves quickly to grab wealth in the wake of catastrophe.

And here is another link to track:
I think we are living in very exciting times. There are huge challenges to move towards sustainability and eliminate the carbon footprint. Will we be smart enough to adapt?

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