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Part 1: Why the CIA Tortures and why Abu Ghraib looked like sexual torture 

Not long after the US Administration said that the Abu Ghraib prison scandal was cleaned up in 2004, I gave US officials (Tenet, Rumsfeld, Bush, Cheney, and JCS) my declassified medical report on the Iraq prisoners at 3 US prison that showed it was not. That medical report was not just my own findings, but those of the 8 Red Cross physicians (pressured into secrecy by the US) that I managed to get inside of two of those prisons with me. The findings were so scandalizing that the US administration held a meeting of the cabinet to figure out how to bury my report of 28 pages and over a thousand pages of supporting documents. My boss Tenet had me listen to the CIA's tape recording of that meeting; three US officials argued in it that I should be to be tortured into silence. That silence lasted until this week, when under CIA torture yet again in Ireland, I decided that nothing would silence me. My torture included electrical shocks so strong that the pain caused me to pass out. It also included injecting me with a muscle paralyzing drug that prevented my being able to breathe. I turned blue from lack of oxygen. I was at the mercy of my CIA torturers for each breath in by their mouth-to mouth-resuscitation. They intermittently withheld resuscitation intentionally , each time I experienced dying as I passed out from lack of oxygen. At another point, a gun was held to my temple and the trigger pulled. Each of these methods of torture was designed to be as cruel as possible. I want to tell you about the torture the U.S. has done in Iraq and why. Then, I want you to request my report on medical results of US torture in Iraq and to stop all US torture, including by the CIA.

US General Karpinsky, who had command responsibility at the Abu Ghraib prison, later admitted that 90% of the prisoners there were innocent of any wrongdoing ( See HYPERLINK "http://dir.salon.com/story/books/int/2005/11/10/karpinski/index.html" \n _blankhttp://dir.salon.com/story/books/int/2005/11/10/karpinski/index.html ). The US was using drag-net methods to arrest people, not careful police work.

Torture is operationally worthless in producing accurate intelligence. Per CIA studies, the noise-to-signal ratio of "time-wasting leads" to "time-helpful leads" to so bad, that ordinary police work is faster, more reliable, easier, and more cost effective. It is also infinitely more humane and avoids the horrible blow-back of creating enemies and destroying coalitions.

Torture has been used as a tool by the CIA "relatively effectively" in two main ways. The first is to intimidate a whole population into submission out of fear of being tortured, by intentionally torturing mainly innocent people so that no one feels safe from it. That strategy was used by the CIA because the CIA routinely favored the rights of corporations to make a profit over the rights of Third World workers to be paid a wage that kept their children from starving to death. US sanctions caused half a million Iraqi children to die (please read former Attn. General Ramsey Clark's Iraq called The Fire This Time: US War Crimes in the Gulf ). The death of the children was not an unintended consequence of sanctions; Kissinger said;

"Depopulation should be the highest priority of US foreign policy towards the Third World….". Henry Kissinger National Security Memorandum (NSSM 200) early 1970's

Ironically, CIA studies show that populations are rather like rose bushes; pruning them causes them to seed, and population growth is best controlled by giving people opportunities to have satisfying lives. While I was at the CIA, I would occasionally go with Tenet to the White House. Officials at the White House would ask him, in front of others they wanted to impress, "Is Iraq becoming more democratic?" Then those very same officials would later call up Tenet and ask him how the installation of the US puppet govt. in Iraq was going. It was a complete charade to fool people as to what the real goals of US foreign policy are and the methods being used to achieve them. The US produces a reign of terror in order to steal the resources and labor of others. That is like a man beating his wife; the man gets what he wants, including power, but ends up in an unhappy marriage losing more than he won in the process. CIA studies proved that cooperation and being genuinely concerned about the welfare of others and other countries produces the greatest wealth and satisfaction, just as in a marriage.

The second way that torture is used by the US govt. is to make mind control slaves. Operation MK-ULTRA is the most well-known of the CIA operations to force people to do things against their will and started in the 1950's. I am one of the survivors of the MK-ULTRA II. There are at a minimum 90 thousand American victims and the CIA just renames the programs frequently in order to claim "But we stopped doing that a long time ago." (see online The Pedophocracy, Parts II-VI: by David McGowan
). It is a very active, expanding, and ongoing use of torture done first to American children, and then Canadian, European, and children around the world, especially the children of foreign diplomats ( see online The Pedophocracy, Part I: David McGowan). [Note: I was unable to send this Part 1 of 5 parts until I replaced the actual web addresses of the Pedophocracy articles with the title and author for you to search for them.] The Bush Administration's chief legal architect, John Yoo, stated publicly that the U.S. Administration reserves the right to torture children by crushing their testicles---innocent children (see HYPERLINK "http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article11488.htm" \n _blankwww.informationclearinghouse.info/article11488.htm ). The point of using children was that children's minds are more pliable than adults, though adults can also be used. Most mind control subjects are put on a schedule to be tortured every 6 to 12 months to ensure that they continue to be amnesic. They cannot report their torture until they remember it, so much is done to keep them so traumatized that they cannot remember. The torture with electroshock to the private areas is like Abu Ghraib, too painful to remember as it involves such horrendous sexual degradations. It is designed not to leave physical scars, but to leave such bad mental scars that the person will not be able to have a will left to resist with, and to be so bizarre and overwhelming that even hearing what happened will force the hearer into denial. When a person close to death is given a command it lodges in their subconscious mind without being evaluated by their moral values. It then can be triggered by the CIA later to get the person to be their agent against the person's conscious will and knowledge. Such a hijacking of a person's life and degradation of their soul by sexually torturing them is criminal in the extreme. Some mind control victims have won lawsuits against the CIA. A psychiatrist, Colin Ross, after having mind control patients and reading 15,000 pages of FOIA CIA document on these operations wrote the book Bluebird: the deliberate creation of multiple personalities by (CIA) psychiatrists (using torture and drugs). He proved in his book that most of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation board of directors were CIA mind controller researcher who should have been imprisoned for sexual torture of American children. He thinks it is only a matter of time before the victims get recognition and compensation. The CIA and the US govt. will have major blow-back as a result of all the torture and enslaving of people that they have done around the world. Mind control is worse than being murdered--it is like being murdered many times over in each torture session, every 3 to 6 months or more often.

The Bush Administration was using sexual humiliation and sexual torture to create mind control slaves in Iraq to make it appear later that Iraq was self-ruled and democratic. The CIA files on the "graduates" of the Abu Ghraib Prison "School of Torture" showed that they were used in Iraq as assassins, suicide bombers, death squads, and Iraqi militia to sow sectarian violence. That was done to justify the continuing presence of the US military in Iraq, by threatening that civil war would occur if the US pulled out. Internal CIA documents showed that about 85% of all the so-called "sectarian violence" was the direct result of CIA black ops to cause it!

Torture, all torture is cruel, without exception--there is no such thing as "torture light". As an ex-CIA physician, I recently faxed members of Congress to ask for the release of my studies that proved that the CIA and Pentagon would work better using only non-violent ethical means. Torture is completely unnecessary and has no place in modern society, just like beating one's wife has no place in a marriage. would work better using only non-violent ethical means. Torture is completely unnecessary and has no place in modern society, just like beating one's wife has no place in a marriage.would work better using only non-violent ethical means. Torture is completely unnecessary and has no place in modern society, just like beating one's wife has no place in a marriage.
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Part 2: The Deliberate Denial of Clean Water and Nourishing Food at the US Prisons in Iraq

Having long been the Remote Viewing Advisor to Directors of CIA, the Pentagon had previously assigned me the honorary rank of a two-star general in order to get me to attend the Joint Chiefs of Staff Meeting as their Remote Viewing Defense Advisor. As a CIA physician, I showed up at 3 US prisons and asked them to show me how quickly they could collect accurate intelligence on the medical condition of their prisoners. They failed abysmally in being able to do that. The truth of those prisoners's conditions was not in their files. The files were designed to cover up their real condition, just like the medical system in the prisons was designed to deny the patients relief of their medical problems, as I will show below. And the prisoners would not answer their questions, but just screamed or went silent whenever they saw a guard or interrogator.

Like the Nazi death camp guards, the guards had been brainwashed into considering Muslims subhuman and not worthy of care. That propaganda campaign was launched by the US Administration. In each of the three prisons, I heard guards say, "That prisoner doesn't need medical care--he isn't dead yet." I could not understand why they said that until in the last prison, I came across a memo from Rumsfeld. It said that only urgent medical care should be given to the patients and defined that as "that care, which if withheld, would cause death". The guards had been verbally instructed that, they could only make the distinction after death.

The Intentional Denial of Potable Water:

Each prison gave the prisoners only water to drink that was visibly filthy and very dangerous to drink, while only a few feet away clear water was used by guards. Each prison had the capacity to supply enough good water to supply all the prisoner's needs. Through rigged Pentagon policies, prisoners were intentionally denied potable water, as well as water for washing. Denial of water to drink was also used as a form of torture, and applied to groups of prisoners for an infraction by one. Only after the person went unconscious believing that they had died was a tube forced down their nose to supply water. In two of the prisons, water was dispensed only once a day at sunset after the hoses had made the bad water worse, and the prisoners had suffered all day from sun and thirst. In the other the only water available was a cattle trough in which dead worms floated. Simple measures like flushing the hoses, filtration, and chlorine were available at each prison, but were denied the prisoners. Such measures deliberately caused disease, dehydration, suffering, and death through diarrhea. Simple cuts and scratches became fatal festering wounds as a result of lack of clean water to wash with.

The Intentional Denial of Sanitary Conditions:

The official policy at the prisons was that any prisoner requesting to use the toilet be accompanied to the john by two prison guards. But prisoners learned quickly not to make such a request, because lighted cigarettes were extinguished on their genitalia in the toilets. That was done even to the women and small children. I saw a baby with a cigarette burn to her private parts because her mother had asked for a clean cloth to diaper her baby in because it had a severe diaper rash. The prison guards refused to provide diapers because as they told me "We are only to give those out, if the Red Cross shows up."

The lack of washing water was made much worse by the guards deliberately and frequently smearing the prisoners all over with feces, including in their mucous membranes. To keep the prisoners smeared in feces required the work of many hands and a deliberate policy to keep it up.

In all three prisons, the food for the prisoners was poured directly onto the dirty floor where rats and flies ate it and left behind their feces and maggots. The food came in tough nylon bags and there were shelves in the food supply room to store it off the floor. When I ordered the guards to give the prisoners food from sealed bags, two of the prison C.O.s independently said it was against orders from the Pentagon. When I called the Pentagon and asked to speak to who made that policy, I was connected to Rumsfeld's office, but he refused to speak to me or call me back.

The Intentional Denial of Nutritious Food:

The only food that the prisoners were allowed, even if I or the Red Cross tried to give them food, was that bagged formula. Like dog food, it was supposed to supply all their nutritional needs. No fruits, vegetables, or left overs were allowed added to their diet. The formula looked gray, and tasted so vile that I was unable to swallow a single mouthful of it. It was full of grit and sawdust and hurt the inside of my mouth to chew it. All the prisoner's intestines were chronically inflamed as documented at surgeries for other problems. Later at the CIA, I discovered it was specially formulated for the US govt. to cause "prisoner compliance" by denying them essential nutrition that they needed ,but "that would not later be detectable by Red Cross physicians". However, the 8 Red Cross physicians, (7 from Germany) had quickly figured out from examining patients that they were nutritionally impaired. They were thin, grayish, and had healed previous injuries poorly. Plus, some children had the usual signs of protein malnutrition.

The guards said that the prisoners were not being starved, that they were allowed to eat all they liked. I challenged them to eat "all they liked of it". They ate none of it. The prisoners were being denied adequate calories and nutrition by being feed it only once a day, by not being allowed time to eat, and by being yelled at and harassed while trying to eat. They were also being tortured en masse by that food every day which damaged the inside of the body from mouth to anus. It was also psychological torture because it put the prisoner into a double bind. They were supposed to feel responsible for their own suffering from their gripping abdominal pain, if they ate enough not to starve. And they were supposed to feel responsible for their starvation, if they were unable to eat enough of it to sustain their body's needs for calories.

At the CIA I discovered that the formula was designed to give people chronic pain and kill people eventually by starvation, intestinal rupture, and dehydration due to diarrhea. That the formula did not succeed in fulfilling its advertised to the CIA 50% mortality in 6 months, was perhaps another case of false advertising. Other identically labeled bags were filled with Grape-nuts and were to be dispensed, if the Red Cross showed up. I included samples of both bags, product information and the LD50 (dose of an added substance to get 50% of subjects to die) studies as part of my documentation. The substance added to cause the 50% death rate was a chemical. That is, while the Nazi death camps killed people quickly and visibly in gas chambers, the US death camps killed people slowly and invisibly from diarrhea-appearing illness. The Pentagon did know that the food was laced with a chemical poison. I included documentation that the Pentagon issued warning to make sure that the food was not sold on the black market for use in cattle. I also included documentation that the Pentagon had compensated a farmer in a case that that had happened in the US for the loss of his herd. I also included CIA analysts's reports discussing the choice of the formula and the results that the US prisons were getting using it. Suffering and death were the intended consequences, not unintended "side effects".

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Part 3: The Deliberate Denial of Medical Care at the US Prisons in Iraq 

Prisoners In US prisons in Iraq were denied medical care by a numerous mechanisms that were in place at all three prisons. Because it was hard for us as physicians to believe that prisoners with festering wounds had not asked for medical care, we asked them "When was the first time you asked for medical care of that wound?" Many prisoners independently told us "Never." When we asked them again independently why, they always said the same thing "Because then we will be tortured into 'not requesting medical care' ".

In addition, as I have stated already, the guards were verbally instructed not to bring any prisoners to the infirmary, unless the prisoners were dead already. Occasionally, that rule was not followed because guards were new or unable to follow it for a variety of reasons, including their conscience.

The medical care for the prisons was set up from the start to deny the prisoners care. An ordinary physician treating ambulatory patients in a clinic can only treat about 1,500 patients, even if they apply themselves to it diligently 80 hours a week and refer all the long and difficult cases to the specialists. Because the prison physician was required to drive to another prison each day he lost much of each day to driving. Yet the Pentagon had assigned only 1 physician to care for over 8,000 prisoners and he also had the care of the guards. The guards got the care, the prisoners could not, given their sheer numbers. Although it appeared that he was assigned to take care of prisoners, given the driving and the care of the guards which took precedence, his job was designed to make sure that prisoners could not get medical care! When I asked guards at Abu Ghraib prison how many prisoners the physician usually saw when he came, the guard said, "None. We are here to kill Iraqis, not to treat them."

In fact, there had been no physician assigned to come to those prisons since that physician had died the day after the Abu Ghraib pictures hit the newsstands, over 3 weeks before. A memos from Rumsfeld's office stated that it was not "cost effective" to send out a physician to any of those prisons, unless the C.O. requested one. It was a devious way for Rumsfled to deny the prisoners medical care while pretending that it was up to the prison C.O.'s to secure it.

In the cases where medical care was given, it was usually given it a way that made it completely ineffective. For example, patients with life-threatening infections were given only 2 days of an oral antibiotic such as penicillin. Treatment was also often given in such a way to cause the person a worsening of their pain, suffering, and condition, sometimes even killing them. For example, the physician treated coma due to dehydration by injecting 100cc of a strong salt solution into a muscle. That too strong salt caused intense burning pain and actually destroyed the muscle tissue. The patient woke up and cried out for water, even thirstier than before. Many prisoners cried in front on me remembering the last time that they are been in the infirmary and tied in a bed desperate for water, able to see the tap, but denied water from it. They showed me the places that they had been injected with the too strong salt solutions. The muscles were destroyed wherever that happened; a dent where was left in its place the size of a fist. A therapeutic injection of a medicine into a large muscle is limited to 10 cc because it hurts too much otherwise, even if it is the right strength of saline. But the physician had injected small muscles, intentionally crippling a person's leg or hand. Patients who had dehydrated losing more water than salt, such as from diarrhea and sweating, would be killed by from such an injection.

Here is another example;

A child of 3 originally X-rayed for a broken leg couldn't walk later due to the bone's misalignment. As was documented by the subsequent X-rays, the other leg was then broken with many broken fragments sticking through the skin, like it had been smashed with a hammer. A cast had then been put on over an open wound. Doing that is well known to cause an abscess and is medical malpractice. The child died 8 weeks later without the Abu Ghraib prison physician ever seeing the child again to check the leg; the cast should have been removed at 6 weeks. In short, the physician had turned a simple fracture of one leg, into a fracture of both legs and then killed the child by casting an open wound.

It was hard to avoid the obvious conclusion that the physician, instead of trying to help the patients was trying to torture and kill them. It was as if he was an active member of the torture team and not a physician to help prisoners at all. Part of the point was clearly to make sure that prisoners did not request medical care. Another part of it was to deny them all hope.

There was deliberately no oversight of the physicians in the US prisons by even military physicians at Walter Reed where substandard care was the rule; the Pentagon intended them to provide torture cleverly disguised as medical care. I did run across a manual on how to torture prisoners using variations of standard medical "treatment", in that physician's files, and submitted it with my report. It was a manual supplied to him with a memo from Rumsfeld's office that was addressed to all US military physicians working in the prisons in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Part 4A: The Deliberate Infliction of Wounds and Sexual Torture at the US Prisons in Iraq

I spent my first hour at Abu Ghraib Prison examining corpses, as the guards could bring me no patient clean enough to examine. They were piled in a trench inside the compound near the infirmary. Four out of the 7 corpses I examined had died of untreated infections! The guards felt so safely shielded from prosecution (even after the scandal), that they did not even bother to tell me a cover story, such as another prisoner had done it or there had been a terrorist attack at the prison. That was a damning indictment of the authorities above them showing that they were not disciplining the guards for the mutilation and murder of prisoners, because they were in accord with it. As I documented that the corpses died due to the guard's violence, a guard grabbed me from behind and pressing a knife to my neck had hissed "You're next". The prison C.O. gave him what amounted to no disciplinary action at all for threatening my life in what amounted to a mock execution. The C.O. of Abu Gharib prison told me that whoever was the most vicious would win. He was unable to give me a good reason why, in spite of the US torturing to death 20,000 to 40,000 Vietnamese in Operation Phoenix, most of them innocent civilians, that the US had lost the war.

The rest of this section is gory and should be skipped by some. Another had died of strangulation by human hands, as judged by the marks on his neck. Another had a leg cut off and and had bled to death (no surgical notes in his chart, no anesthesia given, the recovered leg showed no signs of disease). Another corpse was missing a head. His file had entries "bloody discharge from penis", "bloody nose", and "bloody ears" at intervals over some months ( no notes of medical care). I went back to examine his corpse, and noticed that due to the stench I had missed that his penis had been half cut off and then healed over. By then I was wising up. I dug further down and found the head which indeed was missing part of the nose and both ears. One wound had festered through the skull and into the brain. Suspecting that he died in a coma, I tested that hypothesis by saying to the guards "At least he didn't die in pain." The guards then laughed and said he was unconscious for 2 days and his head stunk so bad that a guard had cut it off and thrown it in the trench. They said that it was three days before the rest of the body was removed from that cell with other prisoners in it, and that was why the head was buried deeper. Another prisoner had been killed by an axe taken to his head; the axe was also recovered.

We documented the horrendous torture of prisoners as we treated their wounds and performed surgery. The rape and sodomy of women and children had caused rectal and vaginal tears in them ( for independent documentation also see "Rape and Torture Rampant in [US run] Iraq Prisons" at HYPERLINK "http://www.antiwar.com/orig/croke.php?articleid=3645" \n _blankhttp://www.antiwar.com/orig/croke.php?articleid=3645 and "US Silent on Torture of Children [in Iraq] at " HYPERLINK "http://www.antiwar.com/orig/croke.php?articleid=3286" \n _blankhttp://www.antiwar.com/orig/croke.php?articleid=3286). The injuries that we documented are so horrific that it is very hard to write them in this report. They had been viciously stabbed, cut, maimed, had bones broken, or shot, etc.
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Part 4B

In the third prison the injuries the German Red Cross documented and treated (using hospital style surgery) included;

1. A girl of about age 5 was attacked and the blows with what was probably an axe had taken out a wedge of flesh where the shoulder met the neck. She required chest surgery to remove a section of the lung which had been damaged.

2. A young Iraqi woman was found bloody and unconscious in the closet in the guard's sleeping area where prisoners were not allowed. Her belly had been cut open, the German surgeons said that she had been 4 months pregnant per examination of her torn open womb. I recovered the cut up fetus from a trash can. Despite heroic efforts, the young woman expired on the operating table.

3. A man in his forties who had been stabbed in the groin by guards and left bleeding.

4. A man in his seventies was found in a coma behind a dumpster. He had been stabbed in the belly and had a festering wound. Prisoners were not allowed in the dumpster enclosure which was well fenced in, so he must have been placed there by the guards, probably to deny him medical care.

5. A man in his forties shot in the back with a shattered scapula, a collapsed lung who was gasping for air in a moribund state. He was found by the German Red Cross near the fence but inside it, laying face down. The guard who shot him hours earlier had not tried to get him medical care, but had left him there to die. No note had been made in the prison record regarding the shooting incident.

6. The German Red Cross treated many other people at that prison after I left that did not make it into my report. In order to get into the prison with me they had told the US govt. that their findings would not go to the Red Cross.

In the second prison the injuries I and an Iraqi surgeon in the Red Crescent examined/treated (using quick MASH-style surgery) included:

1. An 11-year-old boy who had a rectal tear from sodomy and a stab wound to the belly and peritonitis. His injuries were due to the two hours that he had spent in the US's air--conditioned interrogation room the day before. He was found in a coma; without surgery that day, he would have died.

2. An older woman about 60 years old had a fistula track in her belly draining liquid feces and causing her dehydration chronically. Her injury was the result of a guard hitting her belly with a something like a rock hammer which pierced her belly and a single loop of her intestines about 2 weeks before.

3. A woman about thirty years old was 8 months pregnant but we could hear no fetal heart beats. I counted 8 stab wounds to her belly. The surgeon said she had been stabbed 10 times, two times through the vagina. The baby was dead in her womb. She was delirious with fever, moaning, and in shock.

4. An Egyptian journalist in his late 20's had captured US war crimes on camera and was being held as an Iraqi and moved from prison to prison to hide him from his news service. The CIA had tried to convince him that he had hallucinated the US war crimes by mind controlling him and planting false stories and a bullet under his skin behind his ear. He had not been convinced and continued to ask for his freedom. Guards had stabbed him with a sharpened broom handle in the belly and pierced his liver causing many abscesses behind it and at the base of the lung.

5. A man in his late 60's had gangrene of a leg. The gangrene was the result of torture in which his leg was progressively hacked off slowly. There were no medical notes in his chart--no anesthesia had been administered. He required a proper surgical amputation of his leg.

6. A girl child of age 2 had been raped about the day before by US soldiers in front of her mother. Her injury was a tear in the vagina that split into the rectum. The child looked gray and close to death from sepsis due to the peritonitis. The surgeon was undeterred by her critical condition and started the surgery. He was able to reconstruct her vagina and rectum and she did pull through by the grace of God.

7. A girl of about 6 had a rectal tear that went into the buttock's muscle, and made a grand canyon in it. Hundreds of eye-witness prisoners that seen what caused the injury. Those questioned separately said the injury was made by inserting a knife into the rectum that was tied to a rope and then to a car. The sudden acceleration of the car had fractured her pelvic bone and cut through her buttocks on one side. It was a deliberate and savage cruelty that is difficult to even recount. The injury was fresh, having happened that morning before I arrived.

In the Abu Gharib prison the injuries I treated (using "do the best one can under the circumstances in the time allotted" surgical methods) included;

1. A woman in her forties had a festering wound that had eaten away half of one breast, as the result of a guard driving a sharpened broom handle through it.

2. A male prisoner at was missing his left arm and his right hand was dangling as it was missing forearm bone, due to a guard wielding an axe.

3. A woman was incontinent of stool following a gang rape by guards and then by sharp objects. Examination showed that the wall between the vagina and rectum was missing due to it being torn out by those objects. Her previous treatment in the prison had consisted of two days of antibiotics. Then she had had a fever for weeks and no more antibiotics were given--a physician was never phoned for her.

4. A woman had a fistula hole in her neck that drained food out when she ate. She had been stabbed in the neck by a guard. 
5. A man about 30 years old with a fistula tract from his intestines after being stabbed in the belly by an ice pick.

6. An 11-year-old girl had syphilis secondary to rape by the guards. I treated about 25 other people for syphilis at Abu Ghraib Prison, most of them guards and children age 6-12.

In all three prisons, there were numerous people with festering wounds of their genitalia, esp. where one or more testicles had been violently removed. At Abu Ghraib Prison, methods of removal included knife wounds (about 3), gun shot wound (1), and bites (about 7).

[Note: I am writing this report 4 years later without my notes. The science of memory shows that it is remarkably good for the gist of the events and less good for peripheral details. That is true of all memory, even after witnessing highly traumatic events, and should be counted by the courts as eye-witness testimony (see law professor Alan Scheflin's award-winning tome Memory, Trauma, and the Law)].

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Part 5: US Administration Responsibility--Their Torture Memos

The White House Sexual Torture Protocols:

In the files of all three prisons there were torture protocols with clarification memos from the White House on how to apply them. Those protocols were designed to maximize the viciousness on the premise that that was how to win. I didn't want to believe that my country would intentionally do things like crushing a child's testicles, and worse. The first part of each White House clarification memo started with referring to an obstuse executive order signed by Pres.Bush, Jr.. Below that was the operational meaning as to how it should be applied to torture people. I was able to prove from within the CIA, that the operational meaning was on the memos before they left the White House. That was consistent with the chief architect of the Bush legal policy, John Yoo, stating that the Bush Administration reserved the right to torture innocent children, including by crushing their testicles. Given the raw language in which they were phrased, I believed that Cheney had written the lower parts, as I had heard him swear when I was a negotiator between him and Tenet over 9-11 blame. However, some of the torture protocol pages had a Skull and Bones emblem on them suggesting another source. Skull and Bones rituals include such things as "Cremation of Care", human sacrifice, and sodomy as a way to control others, per voluminous documentation and videos available within the CIA. The CIA was initially formulated by a Skull and Bonesman Robert Lovett, and many of the early leaders in it, as well as the first appointed DCI Dulles, were members of it. The CIA answered the questions of Skull and Bonesmen that called it for information, and put almost everyone else on 20 year or permanent hold. Skull and Bones was started in 1832 by a drug, slave, and weapon-running pirate and the CIA has continued in the same lines of work (see books such as White-out, Dark Alliance, Barry and the Bones, and the C-SPAN segment on Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney confronting Rumsfeld on the missing trillions of dollars and the sex-slave running done by DynCo and Halliburton HYPERLINK "http://netctr.com/911exposed.html" \n _blankhttp://netctr.com/911exposed.html ). Bush, Sr., Bush, Jr., Clinton, and Kerry were all members of Skull and Bones. All three C.O.s of those prisons were members of the "extended Skull and Bones" membership which included Bohemian Grove members and thus most recent Presidents. A review within the CIA showed that essentially all of the C.O.'s US prisons in Iraq and Afghanistan were members of that extended death and destruction cult. I saw with my own eyes, the satanic altars of two of the three C.O.s. of those prisons. In order to become "one of our kind" as the C.O. of the Abu Gharib prison put it, "graduates" had to prove that they were able to mutilate, torture, and kill other prisoners. Those tests were done in front of guards and photographed by them, as evidenced by the photos that I found in the files. I was unable to find documentation of crimes committed by prisoners against other prisoners in the C.O.'s files in two prisons; it appeared that virtually all of the crime was intended by the prison authorities. All of the injuries that we saw as physicians were in accord with the White House Torture Memos that I included in my report. The protocols included the phrases "kill the unborn" and "remove out the gonads", in cleaned up terms. In all three prisons, there were men missing testicles with festering wounds where the testicles had been. It was impossible to tell after the fact by medical exam whether the testicles had been crushed before being violently ripped out. 

The Heinous Crimes of the Mind Control Slaves that the US Govt. Made in Iraq:

In her Salon interview, General Karpinsky categorically stated that no prisoners were never released from any of the prisons under her command. That was not what the files inside the CIA said. I looked at the files of the "graduates" from the Abu Ghraib "School of Torture". The CIA was using them as assassins, as politicians, as death squads, and as insurgents! They trained them in camps that they said were Al-Queada Camps. The CIA had been unable to find Al-Queada in Iraq under Hussein, so the CIA had to make Al-Queada camps and agents to try to tie the Iraq War into 9-11. In one case, a graduate of Abu Gharib--- on the CIA's orders---went and blew himself up next to the Green Zone in Baghdad. They did that to be able to justify putting it a new large permanent fortress in the Green Zone. It worked, Congress gave the funding. In another case, the CIA sent one of its graduates to stir up more sectarian violence by blowing himself up in a Mosque that was used by only one sect. Another graduate of Abu Ghraib, they sent to murder an Iraqi politician that they didn't like and wanted his death blamed on sectarian violence. In another case, the graduate raped women in a village to blame in on a particular sect. The CIA then picked him up quickly and killed him so he couldn't ever talk about having been in Abu Ghraib prison and how it had been programmed to rape women in response to triggers that the CIA provided.

Aftermath of the Prison Inspections:

It was the Rumsfeld's responsibility to make sure that the prisons had medical services set up to supply care to prisoners and did so in a timely and effective way to met their medical needs. That he did not do so is a war crime from which many prisoners died. After I handed in my report, the US Administration did know about the conditions in the prison, as proven by information within the CIA. That Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney, did not fire Mr. Rumsfled at that time but left him in place was an intentional decision on their part. Having not fired him, they were directly responsible, if the conditions in those prisons were not corrected. As a two-star general , I out-ranked the C.O.s of those prisons and wrote emergency corrective orders that they had no authority to over-ride. Since I had no command responsibility for those prisons, I was unable to exert any authority over them after making my initial report to the proper authorities above me. After I left, the prisoners were again systematically denied clean water, nutritious non-harmful food, and medical care. That did not happen by chance, and deserves thorough investigation. Reports from within the CIA showed that as late as Aug. 2004, after Tenet was replaced that those conditions were not corrected. That DCI Tenet, and Acting DCI McLaughlin, both did not expose those conditions, I take to mean that they were the policy of those in the US Administration. When the US Administration failed to replace Rumsfeld or anyone those in the chain of command above the level of those three prison C.O.s, they were "signing off" on the fact that they were in complete accord with the denial of clean water, adequate food, and medical care to those prisoners.

Christ never said to torture, crush people's testicles, rape, and kill people to steal their resources. He said to feed the poor, cloth the naked, heal the sick, and visit the prisoners to care for their needs. He said that whatsoever you do to those people, you have done to me.

There is no doubt that the US Administration has ordered sexual torture; it has ordered sexual humiliation and water-boarding (see Hypocritical Oath: Psychologists and Torture at HYPERLINK "http://www.alternet.org/story/53364/" \n _blankhttp://www.alternet.org/story/53364/). It has also spread much disinformation. Water-boarding in actual practice straps a person to a board, submerses their head under water until they pass out/seize. I know because that was done to me 20 times in a row---each time was severe life threatening torture. Also, much of the US Administration-ordered-torture of me and other MKULTRA-type survivors and Iraqi/Afghan prisoners involved rape or sodomy. Part of the evidence on the Abu Ghraib Scandal that the Pentagon did not show you was a video of a US official sodomizing an Iraqi boy of about age 12. These sexual torture techniques were developed at the CIA under Operation MK-ULTRA which funded 80 institutions of higher learning to figure out how to mind control individuals and populations. Those methods have been used widely against US citizens and the US population at large to brainwash them into giving up their Constitution and their human rights. Since the US government has not upheld the Geneva Conventions and the UN Convention Against Torture (both of which it ratified and were meant to be applied even if ones's country were about to be defeated by acts of terror against it), the US Govt. forfieted its right to hold detainees or prisoners at all (see International Law Scholar Scott Horton's Bush Team Revives Nazi Legal Ruses--Condemned at Nuremberg at HYPERLINK "http://www.new-fed.com/other/interviews/2005/3204scott_horton.html" \n _blankwww.new-fed.com/other/interviews/2005/3204scott_horton.html ).

Today at 5:51am
Part 6: More on the US Torture Memos

The US tortures prisoners even outside of fixed prison locations. Special Forces (Sp. F.), starting under Rumsfeld, tortured "suspects" in the field. Since I was giving briefings at the Pentagon on CIA acquired data in Iraq and Afghanistan, I was privy to what those Sp. F. were doing and it was pretty unspeakable. So, I did know before I got out to those 3 prisons that the US was engaged in sexual torture, mutilation, sodomy, and rape, and not just of "suspects" either. Unfortunately, what we were seeing at the CIA was that 98% of the time the Sp. F. men said they were "interrogating a subject" were just sexually torturing and raping people for the sadistic pleasure of it.

I know of not a single instance in which valuable intelligence was gained through torture that we didn't already have better and more complete data on from other means. When the CIA study authorized by Tenet compared non-violent data collection to harsh collection, the non-violent methods were shown to be vastly superior. Torture is never justified, because it is never the best method for anything one wants to accomplish - unless you are just a sadist trying to make people suffer.

I was training Sp. F. men for the Defense Intelligence Agency in how to collect intelligence. That training occurred at DIA Headquarters and in the field in Iraq. I am hardly a naive person, having been in war zones collecting intelligence since during the Vietnam War. Still, I was shocked to see US soldiers torturing and mutilating civilians in the field. In this case, I was collecting intelligence after a US battle 5 days before with a group of about 12 Sp. F. men. I had explained that we were only here to collect intelligence and not to fire any weapons, particularly since they make noise and we were very much outnumbered by the remnants of this rural village. Several of the men had gone out of my view for a several minutes. As I quickly came up behind them, I saw that they had a village girl of about age 14 on the ground with her skirt up. Those who don't want to read gory material should skip to the next paragraph. She was bleeding from her private parts and the handle of a knife was protruding from her vaginal area. I carefully removed the knife with my fingers inserted against the blade and applied pressure to stop her bleeding.

I was furious. First off, she needed to have surgery in a hospital. And second, their unprovoked action was going to bring the village down upon us and rightfully so.

A soldier said to me, "We do this all the time. It serves the c**ts right."

After I got her into a hospital, I then ordered a court martial of the soldiers involved. The US Army refused to try them! They said the soldiers were in the heat of combat. When I called them on that, the CID (Criminal Investigation Division) investigator then gave me another story about following orders. Under pressure from me, they quoted me an order number. It referred to an order in a memo that Rumsfeld had written. The memo said, "F**k them sterile, by any and all means available-Rumsfeld"

CIA handwriting experts averred that it was his signature. I then asked the CIA secretary dealing with filing Pentagon memos to pull all such memos for me to see ASAP. She came back to me in tears later and said that it was impossible--there were too many of them.

I asked to see those that she had pulled before getting overwhelmed. She had a pile of memos scattered across half a desk-- about 50 of them in total. It was not the numbers of them but what they said that had traumatized her.

I then looked in the Pentagon memo files myself. The Pentagon is a male domain, and woman hating is nothing new. But the sheer volume of it in the official memos was staggering. I then called up a Pentagon general and asked him how the memos had gotten like that. He said to me "You should see the ones we get from the White House." He refused to answer how long it had been going on. I then went up a floor to the White House memo section to pull their memos to the Pentagon.

I started back at Carter and pulled some for each Presidency. The memos from the Reagan era were relatively normal until about the middle of his second term. Then it was as if the memos to the Pentagon became Texas swearing at a rodeo under Bush, Sr., ranchy jazz under Clinton, and city rap under Bush, Jr..

I then called up a military historian at West Point and asked him to find me an expert on swearing in military memos. He laughed knowingly and said he would. The military historian who called back asked me never to find out his name or track his number--he was seriously frightened about what I would ask him about and already thought he knew. He was right. He said that of the current plunge into the gutter it was an anti-intellectual trend that originated in Texas to prove that one was not effeminate.

He said that Texas military men had a tradition of swearing up a storm even in official orders. He confessed that some had lost battles as a result when their inferiors mistook their meaning as swear words are often non-specific. Well, I suppose he said all that to make me feel better--I sincerely doubted that women should be degraded and have knives put in inappropriate places just so that men could feel like men.

I called back the CID investigator and said I wanted to file a complaint against swearing in memos. He said it wasn't possible. I filed a complaint instead with the Joint Chiefs of Staff since they were making me attend one of their meetings a month. I said that I would not attend again until they cleaned up their language so that I could have a CIA secretary pull memos for me without having a nervous breakdown from reading them. They agreed.

But the next week, I was told to report to Rumsfeld in his office. And when I did he ordered me arrested and tortured in the basement for trying to file a complaint about the memos!

That torture that he personally ordered included rape, sodomy, oral rape with a feces coated penis, and electrical shocks to my private parts almost non-stop for 2 days. I really did know that the US Administration was using sexual torture. They said in their memos to use it. They used the language of those who degrade woman and humans. And they did it in practice. But I didn't think that it was a Texas thing, I thought it was a Skull and Bones Satanist thing.

Even after being tortured again, I went to pull the memos that said "Knife the c**ts". I wanted to find out who at the White House, if anyone, had ordered that. In the White House memo archives, I had to write on the request form that I wanted the memos pulled that said "Knife the c**ts". The CIA secretary frowned at me when she saw that. She called her supervisor over who was a man. I asked him to find me those memos. About 10 minutes later he came back with three of them and asked me how many more of them I needed. I arbitrarily said , "4 more, thank you." He came back with them shortly. I asked him how many had come up on his computer screen and he said "Over 20." I asked him to pull me the first one as well, which he did.

5 of them were signed by Cheney. One was signed by a Sec. of Defense, and 2 by Bush, Jr. Well, I had my answer as to why I couldn't get those Sp. F. men court-martialed.

In a later occasion, I was collecting intelligence by myself when I came upon Sp. F. men were torturing Iraqi men behind a wall.

Gory: They had about 4 men tied by their wrists over the top of the wall hanging from it. They were using their cigarette lighters on their private parts. They had their male membranes brown with feces hanging out of their pants since they had already sodomized them. (Later I got those Iraqis to a physician. One had third degree burns on his testicles. Another had a deep wound in his penis where it had been sliced with a knife. Another had a torn rectum. The fourth one died-likely from a ruptured rectum.)

The Sp. F. men said that they were just following orders. I told them to let those men down gently immediately. They objected saying "We are getting them to talk!" I asked them what actionable intelligence they had gotten. They didn't even have a translator. I was pissed. I ordered them to release the Iraqis. They said they were insurgents.

I asked them why they believed that. They said, "Well, they are here in Iraq, aren't they?" Another said "Hey, cool it, we just wanted to have some fun with them." I asked him if he thought it was fun to be tortured. He said, "Hey, baby, let me try it on you and find out." I called their commander and reported asked for them to be disciplined.

He said, "Hell, no, they bring me valuable intelligence." I asked him what intelligence. And he said, "Where to buy beer."

At CIA, I looked up to see what intelligence those Sp. F. men of Rumsfeld were collecting that was useful. Zero. They never even asked for a translator. They just went around terrorizing Iraqis for the sadist pleasure it gave them and their superiors to read about it. They filed reports and they got bonuses, if someone liked to read them. Cheney gave a bonus one time, and Rumsfeld another. They would make up stories like "We captured a high level Al Queada operative today". But there was absolutely nothing in the report to substantiate that. All that was submitted with those reports were photos of the people being tortured, including small kids--they were the Abu Ghraib photos--"look what we are doing for you" bragging to their superiors. I tried to get them court-martialed too.

CID said, "Forget it--we ain't never going to take a report down again from what you say. We have orders not to." They faxed me the order to my CIA office: "Instructors of Sp. F., will not file reports against them, but report all misconduct to me in person--Rumsfeld." ie "Report it and I will have you tortured again".

Today at 5:57am
Part 7A: The Sexual Torture and Mind Control of Govt. Officials and Their Relatives Around the World

In the course of my normal duties in collecting intelligence, I stumbled upon the US sexually torturing civilains for political purposes. I was in Baghdad at a US Embassy party to meet with an Iraqi official. The CIA wanted me to find out from him, if he was amenable to a certain US proposal. Since I had been a negotiator for the CIA in Russian affairs, I had been picked for this job by the CIA without asking me first what I thought of the proposal. I thought that the proposal was about the worst thing that I had ever seen in intelligence in my nearly forty years in it.

At this meeting that I had with the Iraqi minister, in a private sitting room, he mentioned that he would be willing to support that atrocious US proposal that sold his country out to the US oil companies for as long as there was oil in the ground, if I personally was willing to clear up a problem for him. It was not a minor problem. It was in essense to secure his place in Iraqi's government by devious means irrespective of elections. I had no doubt that the US govt. was willing to make that deal---I was not. He wanted me personally to guarantee his position, because he did not trust the US govt. not to double-cross him. It had double-crossed not just Kurds, and other rebelling minorities, but almost everyone in Iraq at least three times over--just to lord their dependent and helpless positions over them. In that way, the US govt. was acting much as it does domestically to deny workers job security, pension security, and health care on the premise that making others insecure made them more controlable. The minister was not asking me to be minister for the rest of his life, but just to have an ordinary job in govt. all his life so that he could support his family. It was not at all an unreasonable request, and I would have been glad to work towards that, had it not made everyone in his country the equivalent of an economic slave to the oil companies. So, I told him that I would be willing to work to make all Iraqis economically secure and convey his concerns to the US govt. He gripped my hand frantically and said to me, "Please I beg you. Consider my family. Help us." I explained to him that I could not make all Iraqi's slaves to the US govt. just to help him. I told him as we parted to try to be strong and do as good a job for the people of Iraq for as long as he did have a job. He asked me to predict how long that would be, and I said, "Four months, Allah willing." We parted and he stayed in the room a little longer to do his evening prayers. Many Muslims have wonderful faith in God and are very devoted.

When I returned to the party, the US Ambassador approached me and asked me how the meeting went. I told him honestly, that if the US would make people's lives secure in Iraq, that they were willing to do whatever the US asked of them. He pondered that reply while sipping some white wine that was exceptionally good that evening. I ate the canapes of aged cheese on delicately favored herb crackers made by hand by the equivalent of slave labor in the Embassy kitchen. Then I sat one back on the silver tray half eaten and said to the Ambassador, "Too bad these smell so badly that I can't eat them." He took my half eaten cracker, popped it in his mouth and said, "It is only the delicious taste of finely aged cheese that I taste." "Messier," I said lapsing into French that he was fluent in, "It is not the taste of cheese that I object to, it is the taste of slavery that I find too foul to stomach." (See related video "Hearing on US Embassy in Iraq: Mayberry's Opening" at HYPERLINK "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=evRPwwyno_c" \n _blankhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=evRPwwyno_c ). He blinked anxiously and looked around to see if anyone else had taken my meaning. Reassured that none had, he turned back to me and said as if it were a rhethorical question to which no answer was possible, "What can we as conquerors do about it?" I demonstrated that by turning my back and leaving the party while pulling gently on his hand. When we got to the gate of the Embassy, I invited him to leave with me. He declined politely and went back inside.

I later found out at the CIA, that he returned to the side room, discussed terms with the Iraq Minister and completed the devil's deal. But I fear that the Iraqi Minister was not entirely satisfied with the deal that he made with the devil that night. The US govt. decided to take one of his relatives "hostage"--they turned his wife into a mind control slave. That is, they raped, tortured, and sexually humiliated her in ways that she was forced to forget. The tapes of that mind control made their way back to the CIA. I was asked to comment on them as to whether she was suitably mind controlled and would act as the proper influence to control him by fear. I told the CIA that no one is so well mind controlled that they will reliably do what one wants and that there had been no reason to do that to her because she had already caused enough fear in her husband's mind that he had sold out. I had been told in response by Tenet, "We like to hedge our bets and cover all bases." That is, to have an extra little bit of unnecessary control over that Iraqi PM, they had been willing to rape, torture, and mentally enslave an innocent woman. I was thoroughly disgusted and outraged. It was a totally unnecessary black op--even the CIA's dept of Ops had not wanted to do it. The potential for blow-back was enormous.

Today at 5:59am
Part 7 B:

I then set about discovering how this poor woman had been subjected to this degradation, as in who had proposed it and ordered it. That was not so hard for me to find out. It had been both proposed and ordered by Cheney at the White House Daily Intelligence briefing with Tenet. I listened to that briefing myself after Tenet told me about it. I wanted to find out if Tenet had hinted at it. But that was not the case. However, that did not mean that someone else in the CIA or Tenet at another time had not hinted at that option. So, I offered a prize in the Dept. of Ops to anyone who could prove that Cheney was not the start of that op, including by claiming that they were the author of it. No one came forward to claim the $100,000 prize that I got Tenet to put up the money for.

Instead, I had several CIA operatives try to claim the prize by proving that Cheney had authored the idea. Two of them provided such complete evidence of that that Tenet paid out money for it. One man collected the handwritten notes of Cheney which showed that he had hit upon the idea to do that prior to the daily briefing with Tenet in which he ordered it. Another did an exhaustive phone analysis showing that no one had discussed the idea with Cheney prior to that by phone. As the daily briefings did not include an prior reference to that op and they had been recorded, that left an informal conversation in the hallway in which Tenet or another person could have suggested it to Cheney. So, although the evidence was not 100% conclusive, it was quite likely that Cheney was the author of that plan which the CIA was loath to do because of the dreadful risk of blow-back. That risk of blow-back included the risk that no Iraqi official would ever trust the US govt. again. That is, it risked what the oil companies did not want to risk--losing control of that oil. It risked that in order to gratify someone's urge to rape, betray, and humiliate another person when doing so ran counter to US foreign policy interests and was completely unnecessary to do.

The story along these lines is not complete yet. This was not an isolate incident. Alas! When I investigated this more thoroughly, I found that a number of wives and children of foreign leaders had been made into mind control slaves by the CIA in order to control the leader. Furthermore, the CIA operative who had brought the handwritten note of Cheney, later brought another handwritten note from Cheney which was a list of relatives of foreign leaders and check marks next to the names of those whom he had recently ordered the CIA to mind control for him. The list was up to date and corresponded to the CIA's list of already mind controlled subjects. The complete CIA list is very extensive and includes many people in foreign countries. Many leaders and candidates for important offices were on that list. It was almost a who's who of important people in the world, both foreign and domestic. Many Congressmen and their family members were on that list. If they knew what had been done Abu Ghraib style to their loved ones they would revolt against the Skull and Bones extended membership that "cremated care" in a ceremony. The damage to those individuals and to the country is infinite and can never be fully rectified. There is no way to untorture someone. Their trust in humanity has been destroyed forever at a very deep level. It is a crime against humanity on the order of killing the world's hope for a sustainable future. It is worse than the infliction of mere pain. It is the hijacking of a person's life and a selling of their soul to the forces of darkness. It is a crime eternally worse than the mere murder of someone's body. It is the murder of their will and integrity. Unlike the Bourne movie's depiction of mind control, no one ever volunteers to be tortured, raped, sodomized and become a mind control slave.

How can one recognize if someone is a mind control slave? One watchs to see who their actions benefit. Those who undermine the US Constitution, the rule of law, privacy, the independence of the internet/media, and human rights are either willing traitors to the People of These United States or mind control subjects. Everyone actually does know that undermining these principles sells the world into slavery.

Today at 6:09am
Part 8: US Special Forces as Roving Snuff Film Makers in Iraq

Even though I was a remote viewer for the CIA giving briefings at the Pentagon because of my known accuracy, whatever I said would not be submitted to a court-martial--only the hard evidence that I then collected by the usual means.

When I crested the Iraqi ridge to overlook the given coordinates, I just saw more desert. I parked the jeep in what had been a village of about ten cement foundations. Walking towards the gullies was difficult--the stench! When I looked over their edges, I found the dead bodies about 50 villagers mostly clothed in one and about 20 naked women and children in another. It was obvious that most had been tortured to death. Those not want to read about gore should skip to the next paragraph. Skin that had been cut methodically in long parallel lines. There were knifes left stuck in bodies in ghoulish fashion, e.g. a blade was stuck between the testicles, the scrotum cut in many parallel lines and peeled back. That body had been positioned in the gully with legs splayed open to terrorize any person later seeing it. The women also had parallel cuts on the breast, between the legs, and sometimes on the face. The children's injuries were mainly on the face and between the legs.

I spent over 4 hours examining the corpses. If my memory serves me, 27 men, 34 women, 11 children and 4 babies, were dead in the gullies. All had physical evidence of torture. I called the Pentagon.

I spent over 4 hours examining the corpses. If my memory serves me, 27 men, 34 women, 11 children and 4 babies, were dead in the gullies. All had physical evidence of torture. I called the Pentagon.

I was too exhasted laid down in the village at dusk to sleep. Towards 2 am I was shivering. I wrapped up in a blanket, but could not get back to sleep. I needed a place to wash up; the well was poisoned by the US troops with feces. I was driving without my lights on by the light of the moon. Iraqis had escaped into the hills and knew about the US massacre. About the second hour of driving, I could feel a car gaining on me with what I feared was murderous intent. I sped up but still did not put my lights on. Occasionally, their lights flashed on me. As an evasive action, I stopped the jeep, took off the blanket, wrapped rocks in it to make it look like a person asleep by the side of the road and drove off. I was seriously cold this time. But my maneuveur worked; the car stopped following me after it stopped at the blanket. I guess they couldn't deal with the smell. If there were dedicated guerrilla fighters around, a solitary US military Jeep would have been shot at.

Later, I gave a fuller verbal report to the Pentagon. What it added up to was over 100 soldiers spending two days torturing those villagers and then hightailing it out of there because they were afraid of retaliation. To make it worse, there were several Special Forces instructors with them - it was a training exercise in how to torture in villages to get information. Only it had become a "torture everyone to death" drunken party apparently, as American beer cans were left everywhere.

Furthermore, as in torture in general, it had not collected any useful intelligence that the CIA didn't already have. That was easy to prove back at the CIA. Three translators were with the Special Forces during this training. There were even transcripts made of the tape recordings of the "interrogation" sessions. I read them back at the CIA. Then I listened to one of the tapes to see, if the transcript was accurate. The tapes turned out to be made by actors - all male; there was no screaming of woman and children on any of those tapes. The tapes and the transcripts were part of the cover-up to try to prove the village was filled with male insurgents and the US was correct to torture them all to death.

I then went about finding the actual tapes. No transcripts had been made of them. They were almost impossible to listen to because of the heart rending screaming. I knew what had caused those screams and I had bad PSTD flashbacks to my viewing session as I listened. Then I came across a video recording of part of the event made into a training film on how to get good intelligence from torturing people. They had said that the valuable intelligence that they had gotten in that village was that it was in too unsafe an area to travel in. No, that was the situation that they had created there by torturing that village to death. It was not the situation before they did that. Earlier reports showed that soldiers had stopped there asking for direction and water and been given both and treated civilly by the villagers.

The torture and destruction of the village did not net as much as a single machine gun in it, not a single inflammatory pamphlet, not a single plan of attack. Yet that training video showed men torturing children in front of their parents and saying that the parents were reporting their insurgency plans. I had Iraqi translators listen to the training tapes and they said that the parents were not saying anything like that. Special Forces later said, "Yeah, well those men did say that on other tapes and we lost them!"

Then I tracked down how many tapes they had been issued, how many they returned and had them all listened to. There were no lost tapes. There was not evidence of insurgency in that village. I had CIA analysts review the tapes and transcripts. They also reached the same conclusion; they recommended that the training tape be destroyed before Congress found out the truth. I wrote up my findings and submitted my report to the CIA and the Pentagon. It included the remote viewing of the incident, the photos documenting the torture, and the lack of useful intell collected.

The Pentagon refused to stop using that training tape to show soldiers how to torture in the field to get "intelligence" while in villages.
I went to the Senate Select Intelligence Committee with the training tape and my report. They refused to read my report. I was outraged. I tried to take the story to the NY Times. They refused to take it. I had examined the bodies. I had proved that no useful intelligence had resulted, but no one wanted the story because they wanted to justify torture.

Finally, I told Tenet that either he tell the US Administration the truth about how worthless torture was in getting actionable intelligence, or I would. He sent three CIA analysts with me to the White House "to add balance". Cheney and Bush would only grant us a 15 minute time slot to discuss the topic. I got to speak exactly 2 minutes. The other 3 men lied copiously, asserting torture had produced actionable intelligence.

I challenged them to cite a single example in which torture had yielded intelligence faster and more reliably than other available methods. They couldn't and said that they would have to review their files at the CIA. I offered to pay them $50,000 if they could produce such a case by the next week and present it in front of all of us. Furthermore, I said that if they didn't come back the next week with a valid case and collect the money then they were just liars. Cheney laughed. Bush asked, "Can I win the $50,000, if I bring the case?" I said, "Sure, but you have to be able to prove that there was not a faster, more reliable way to get that intelligence." "No problem", said Bush, "I'll just ask you to remote view a case in which torture got the information and no other method could" he said to me. Cheney laughed long and hard. Bush said, "What is so funny? I am going to get the $50,000. She knows the answer." One of the analysts said, "That is the problem." "And what is the answer?" Bush asked. "The answer is that a remote viewer can tell you the answer to any question before you even ask it of the suspect," said the analyst. The next week there was no meeting to collect the $50,000. Everyone had conceded.

Yet, the US Administration refused to give up its torture programs. That training film was not the only film made in that village: I later uncovered a whole shelf of other films made during those two days. They got sold on the black market as snuff and S&M films at a high profit. I tracked down who made that profit and how much was made. Then I had my real answer as to why I couldn't get those torture programs shut down. US Official, including Pentagon Generals were making a killing off them. The training video was being used as the marketing tool - the "legal film" that they could hawk in front of buyers.

I got one of those snuff films given to me as a gag at a CIA Awards ceremony. I had won the award for the most obnoxious report. It was that report, not because it was so grisly, but because it had almost killed one of the Cabal owner's major sources of revenues. Those films sold for about $100,000 a piece on the high-end black market. Rich Skull and Bones buyers often bought 6 of them at once; they were not all from one Iraqi village. They liked it best if they got them straight a high US Official. It gave an extra celebrity angle to it. They could then entertain their country club friends with it saying, "I got this the other day from so and so. I know him well." That meant in country-club code - you can do business with me, whatever we do illegal will be overlooked because I have an in with the big boys that run the country." So, that flick of the women and children being tortured to death meant, "See, even if our business deals kill women and children in other countries, no one is going to come after us for it. The proof of that is this flick, that shows worse than what we are going to do, and no one coming after them for it."

The US Govt. never court-martialed the soldiers, nor stopped the "torture in villages" Special Forces policy. They acted as roaming torture and death squads terrorizing the civilian population.

Today at 6:12am
Part 9:The CIA Trained "Insurgents" to Attack Iraqi Oil Fields to Justify Their Holding the Oil Fields

This case was assigned to me by an impatient General while I was at the Pentagon giving a CIA data plus remote viewing briefing on a different sector. Remote viewing data had been validated in CIA and Pentagon studies to be greater than 80% accurate using average remote viewers trained up to military standards ( see the Science of Non-Physical Perception by Courtney Brown). Because of my known excellent accuracy in one CIA designed state of mind the Pentagon had used me since during the Vietnam War, both as a viewer and a trainer of viewers. (My main role was always as a remote viewer for DCIs.) What I said initially was purely remotely viewed data and tagged as such; 2 days later I went to the town to collect the hard data.

Before the 2003 war started, the town had had over 20,000 inhabitants. It was founded to house oil field workers and their families some decades earlier. (If I had a detailed map of Iraq I could probably pinpoint its location, though the CIA has tried to erase all proper nouns from my mind, through putting in blocks under torture.) There was no natural source of water nearby. After the US bombed the water pipeline to the town, the only water was trucked in. Early in the war the US entirely took over that set of oil fields They said that they did that to prevent the rigs from being sabotaged. But even after they built fencing and guard towers in a huge rectangle around the rigs, they did not re-employ the Iraqi workers or share the oil profits with the Iraq people. Officially, the US had said before the war that the oil would remain in the hands of the Iraqi people. The Iraqi people depended on that source of revenue to buy food, medicines, and parts in order to have clean water and electricity, etc. Through a series of CIA black ops and deceptive US Administration policies, the US gained control of Iraqi oil. Often they made it appear that others stole it, in order to accomplish the deception. But CIA records in 2004, showed that over 90% of the Iraqi Oil was in the hands of US based multinational companies. Since most of the US Administration had been employed in oil and defense industries in the past, that was no surprise; it was the intended result of the war.

The town underwent massive unemployment, starvation, and even death from lack of water. The US kept bombing the water pipe to it. Internal CIA documents that I read later said that the point of the bombing was to force the local population to flee or die. The population of the town was down to 6,000 by the time of this incident. The US did not want an Iraqi town next to "their" oil field, regarding it as nothing more than a security risk to eliminate. The US policies caused enmorous resentment in the town's people. It was completely predictable. It was also intentional. Other CIA documents I later read to write a report on this incident showed that the US was trying to force Iraqis into violence at the edges of the oil fields in order to justify the US's continued guarding them and holding them. Because the townfolk were too poor to afford weapons, the CIA had to smuggle weapons and explosives into the town in order to get an insurgency going.

It is well known that sending armed troops through a town kicking down doors indiscrimantely arouses civilian resistence. Just like it is well known that denying people work and food creates rebellion. The yield of weapons on the first search of that town in 2003 was some pistols and rifles of the sort used for hunting desert animals. The second search of the town found CIA supplied machine guns, no CIA explosives, and two machine guns not from the CIA. The CIA later found out that the people wanted machine guns to protect themselves from the US army destroying their homes, but seeing no use for the explosives had traded them for two other machine guns. The CIA then went about supplying more explosives and training some 60 workers in how to use them in a supposed "Al-Queada" camp. A couple of months after that that they caught the first explosion on film. The CIA asked their intermediary why the explosion had only been half as large as expected. He said that the workers were afraid of explosives close to the oil field, even though they had been told it would be safe on that side of the fence that far from the rig. The workers were getting paid by the CIA for this explosion--it was their only source of income. They intially believed the lies of the intermediary that the funds and weapons were coming from a Muslim cleric who ordered them to have a jihad. Since the CIA found the Muslim clerics usually too slow for their tastes to order such things, it was standard to say that the help came from Bin Laden, Al-Queada, or a local cleric (see the Ace of Spies TV series about the Russian Trust if you need a greater understanding of how an intelligence agency sets up an opposition group to use to its advantage.) Some of the clerics complained about their names and their religion being hijacked to help the CIA's dirty tricks to steal the oil. It was documented in Afghanistan, that the CIA had created a militant form of the Muslim religion and supplied textbooks to make children more militant to get the Afghanis to fight the Russians in the 1980's.

One CIA document was about the cost effectiveness of arms that the CIA had put in that particular town in terms of creating a news event in the US to justify the war. The conclusion of the document was a fixed formula for the amount of explosives to machine guns for future operations, having decided that the size of the explosions on the perimeter had been too small to merit much news attention. And that was after the US set up the security camera to catch the explosion on film and sent it with an article to CIA journalists working at US newspapers (Read books, such as In Search of Enemies by ex-CIA officer and ex-head of the Angolian War, John Stockwell, if you are unfamiliar with these standard CIA dirty tactics to cause the US public to support a war. Or watch the documentary "The Fire This Time: Why LA Burned" from Rhino films for an example of the similar CIA tactics used in South East Central Los Angeles.)

The CIA denied half of the payment for the explosion because it was only half sized. They then supplied more explosives and ordered the full amount set off at the same spot where the camera was set up already. The Iraqis said that they wanted half of the payment up front, this time. The CIA paid it again as if coming from a cleric. But the Iraqis refused to set off the explosion. They were suspicious that they were asked to do it at the same location and feared arrest. They also felt that they had been underpaid and cheated.

On the third sweep through the town, Special Forces had killed over a hundred people pretty much at random and resentment ran high afterwards. But still there was no explosion at the fence. The Iraqis saw no point to doing it. The CIA again resupplied the explosives, thinking that they had traded them for food or water piping. Two days passed and the CIA grew concerned that the Iraqis had figured out they were the paymasters. It asked the Pentagon to go through the town again, this time with interrogators, about a fourth of them supplied by the CIA, to collect the weapons, the explosives, and to kill those they had trained as "insurgents". The CIA was afraid that the previous news story would be exposed as faked, if only to Aljezera TV. (See the JFK movie and the book Plausible Denial by Mark Lane, as examples. Ruby killed Oswald to prevent the US public from finding out that the news that Oswald killed JFK as a lone gunman was faked news).

The CIA having trained those "insurgents" had photos of them. But they didn't want the Pentagon to know that the CIA had supplied and trained the "insurgents", so the CIA did not even tell the CIA interrogators. Those first interrogators torturing in that town, kept calling up the Pentagon saying that they had found everyone and everything that was dangerous and asking for the call back to base order. They knew that they were in danger of being overrun by the town's people. The CIA knew that they had not killed enough people yet. So, they insisted to the Pentagon that the interrogators were not done. The US govt. was so intent on killing those so-called insurgents that the Pentagon never gave that call back to base order. The interrogators were doing what Bush lawyer Yoo said Bush reserved the right to do, they were torturing innocent children to try to make the parents talk. Since most of the parents were innocent, the names that they gave as insurgents were nothing more than guesses. Even to save their own skins, the interrogators were not able to torture the truth out of people to find the "insurgents". They had killed only 3 of 60 of them after torturing many people to death. Given the number of people they had killed it was expected that they would have killed 2 "insurgents" by chance alone. Periodically, the US soldiers had fired into the crowd to get them to scatter. It was likely that a third one was killed merely because he was braver than most other people and stood closer. The pitiful screams of small children stirred up the town's hostility. The US men called for back-up since they were not allowed to cut and run. The back up sent was tanks, not choppers, in this war on the cheap. Finally, the crowd just rushed the US forces in spite of the machine guns. The back up did not arrive for more than 4 hours too late. All of the US forces were killed: the Pentagon and CIA attributed some of the deaths to other causes on later dates to avoid an investigation of the incident.

Today at 6:15am
Part 10: The Pentagon "Cover-up" That Expanded the Sexual Torture-- Continued from Part 9

The street was littered with dead bodies, including naked women and children that had been tortured to death. Iraqis had taken photos of them. Two of them had gotten into the hands of a foreign journalist and been sent to his office in Paris. He worked for a newspaper that the Pentagon felt it did not have automatic censorship at, unlike most US media. As I spoke by remote viewing the town for the Pentagon, over 200 re-enforcement Special Forces and ordinary US Army men were torturing civilians to try to find all of the photos. The Pentagon already knew that the photos had reached Paris. So, even if one believed that torturing people was the way to get that information, that information was not relevant to the cover-up that the Pentagon wanted to do. Instead, it was making more of the same mess. More photos of the US atrocity were being made by the Iraqis who were outraged at the torture of children. The original two photos showed the mutilation of infants. Gory to the end of paragraph: One of those, a boy, had had his penis cut off and long lines of knife wounds down both legs. The other photo was of a girl infant with a large hole carved into her bottom the size of an adult vagina and blood smears down her legs and on her belly. Both infants were dead.

I stated quite bluntly that it was impossible to attempt any cover-up of a crime, while one was still enlarging it. Then I said that cover-ups were rarely successful if more than 10 people knew about the crime and that there were more than 50 people in the briefing room. The General said, "Stop the moralizing, and get to the point. What should I do?" I recommended that the military stop their assault and send a negotiator out to the newspaper from the CIA's Paris office. Unfortunately, the US did not pull out of the town until another 4-6 hours of torturing civilians, before they gave up the task as hopeless. Then they tried to carpet bomb the town to destroy the evidence of the atrocity. Again they extended the crime. "Carpet bombing" sounds like it would destroy that kind of evidence. That is rarely the case, bombs make a scatter pattern not a carpet.

Two days later, I was on the ground at what was left of that town. I knew in advance, by remote viewing, that there would be many wounded without medical care. As I am a physician, I had detoured into the nearest city and hired as many physicians, nurses, medical people and ambulances as possible. I arrived with about 20 vehicles and drivers able to act as ambulances (about half of them taxis) and about 34 staff to do triage and load them. Within 30 minutes the Pentagon was in an uproar trying to call me because they saw from the sat images that I had relief helpers. As I had lost my mobile phone, they were unable to get me on a phone to order me to cease and desist. About 20 minutes later that they got a chopper out to me. I outranked the chopper pilot. I loaded it with wounded and conscripted it to evacuate the wounded to the hospital. I told them I would call the Pentagon after the critically wounded were transported. It was not until the next morning, that the US Army drove up with tanks and threatened to fire upon me and the staff that I had the next interference. I told the staff to move to the side. Then told the tank commander who I again outranked officially, to either give me command of his tanks or to fire upon me. He gave me command of his tanks. I then used them to help pull the ruble of houses off wounded who were pinned down but still alive.

Because of the stench of the dead and public health risk, we had started burying them after taking photos of their faces to identify them to their relatives. Because the medical staff was more useful to the rescue work, I had given the photographing task to the taxi drivers as they waited for their cars to be loaded. Gory to end of paragraph: Some injuries from torture were later evident in those photos, esp. where the torture had involved cuts to the face, mainly in women and children. 

The Pentagon later complained that I had purposely photographed torture injuries to document them. Perhaps I should have. Some people might complain that I did not do enough to document the torture injuries. There was more than enough evidence of torture at the hospitals, carved into the flesh of the still living. I did the best that I could under the circumstances that I was in, knowing that I would be tortured by the Pentagon on my return for even the little I had done to help the survivors. Had I not gone to that town myself, the US Army would have just bulldozed the dead and the wounded into mass graves and covered them over as per their usual way of covering up their atrocities. What they really wanted me to do in Iraq was to track down all the photos and burn them. But they had not made the order explicit. The order read "Undertake the necessary clean up measures to contain the problems at X location." I took the problem to be the risk to public health of the unburied corpses and did contain it. 

Gory to end of paragraph; The most common injuries were to the testicles--bruising, crushing, lacerations, and burns. Some of the wounded were able to tell us what had happened, including to their own bodies. A common torture implement was a pair of pliers, the tip of a machine gun pressing onto the testicle with a soldier leaning his weight on it with the man on the ground, and lighters, cigarettes, knives, or kicks or stomps. Of the injuries that I saw from torture, wounds to the testicles made up about half of them. Wounds to the penis, breasts, vagina, and rectum were next most common. Wounds to the face were among the least common but the hardest to forget. One facial wound that I saw at least three different times on young girls and babies was to slit the cheeks from the corner of the mouth towards the molars. Since there were often jagged tears of the edge towards the molars, it appeared that oral rape had followed. The point of the injury appeared to inflict pain during the oral rape. 

I did not call the Pentagon back until the next day. They were furious with me. By that time, I had 4 choppers and two tank units working full time in the rescue operations which we were just finishing up. After listening to 10 minutes of swearing at me on the phone line which was not secure, I brought the General up short with, "Sir, have you yet asked me whether I called you on a secure line." He was unable to contain his swearing so I hung up the phone after politely telling him that the "KGB" had heard everthing he had said so far. In any case, he had spilled much information on the US atrocity to the Russians by then. As a result of his foul mouthed comments, they examined their earlier satellite images of the US torturing civilians in the street in broad daylight. In my next meeting with the Russians in the ongoing negotiations that the CIA had me doing with them to limit terrorism, they laid those images on the bargaining table. Sat. images these days are so good that one can tell when people are being tortured by others with a great deal of reliability. The capability exists to monitor torture worldwide by this and other means, and report more than 99% of it within an hour of it starting. That is what the US and its allies would do if it were interested in ending terrorism, as opposed to dominating the market. When torture happens these days it is not because the world's intelligence agencies don't know about it. It is because they are complicit in it by not taking the sat. images to their news outlets like Pravda and getting them published. I scolded the Russians that they had not exposed the US terrorism in Iraq and refused to make the bargain that they wanted. They wanted the US to ignore their terrorism in Chechnya, in exchange for ignoring the US terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan. Two wrongs do not make a right. It is the duty of one's allies and enemies to point out one's errors so that one can correct them quickly before one has to answer to God for them. Christ healed people, not tortured them. He raised the dead, not killed people. He gave money to the poor, not underpaid them and taxed them.

I was able to recover all copies of the original two photos, including from the Paris office of the newspaper in question. I offered to give them all of the photos I had and my personal testimony, if they would publish a full two pages of expose on it. After listening to me for an hour they decided that the story was "too raw" for their readers. They gave me back the two photos. They were not really committed to publishing the truth, only to increasing their circulation. The Pentagon was scandalized by my attempt to expose them, but happy with the end result. I always tried to expose wrongdoing whereever I found it, if I thought doing so had a good chance to correct it.

I was tortured for 4 days in the basements of the Pentagon and CIA for helping the wounded, even though I recovered the photos. Those men that ordered me tortured were not Christians. They were into maximizing the suffering of others, not turning the other cheek, or helping the poor or loving their enemies. The order for that torture was signed by Bush as Commander in Chief, though he was never elected to that office in a fair election with an auditable paper trail. The type of torture to be used was specified by Cheney using foul language. It was heavy into excrement, electrical sexual torture, and drownings to the point of unconsciousness in water contaminated with his urine and feces. Those orders went to Rumsfeld and Tenet who had torturers write up the detailed protocols that carried their signatures. 

Today at 6:17am
You are free to disseminate and use the above information as long as it is done for the public good--Sue Arrigo

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