Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Hindu: Paul Theroux talks about his books, his writing and his life in Hawaii.

Art Garfunkel's 135 favorite books (hat tip to John C.)

King Corn: Documentary about how we are the people of corn. Don't believe it? check your labels. high fructose corn syrup is making you obese. See this Sci-Am blog piece. Here is a blog by the movie's director. Eat your hamburgers. It means eating corn-fed beef that have to be pumped up with hormones and antibiotics because they are unhealthy and dieing. Mad cow disease? Better believe it.

The Mukasey Conspiracy. Why is Impeachment off the table?

I'm reading through a long piece by a correspondent on Facebook who claims that as a CIA agent who presented a detailed report on torture at Abu Graib was tortured in turn in an effort to silence her!!!!!

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