Sunday, February 27, 2005

Bizarro World in Colorado Springs

Sometimes I find it hard to believe that Colorado Springs is as backward as it is. This town is truly beyond the pale, beyond radical right, and into the tinfoil hat zone. I finally got around to reading this week's Colorado Springs Independent with two items so unbelievably stupid that it's hard to imagine them even being part of the public discourse anywhere else in the world.

First we have District 11 school district elected officials likening Planned Parenthood to the KKK and intimidating them from speaking at schools on both abstinence and contraception (though they have been invited for the last 17 years). John Hazelhurst has a pithy column on the "new Bill of Rights". A must read. See also Case dismissed: Planned Parenthood ejected from District 11 Schools . See also Public Eye Extra: Email Message sent to school board members

And second on the agenda for the public debate is whether or not citizens should be allowed to openly pack heat into county buildings. Yes, you heard it right. Pressing issues like prison reform or economic development have to be put on the back burner while this is addressed. Unbelievable. Truly bizarre indeed.

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