Sunday, March 06, 2005

AP - Afghanistan Now Nearly 'a Narcotics State'

Afghanistan Now Nearly 'a Narcotics State' :

"More than three years after a pro-U.S. government was installed, Afghanistan has been unable to contain opium poppy production and is 'on the verge of becoming a narcotics state,' according to a presidential report.

The report said the area in Afghanistan devoted to poppy cultivation last year set a new record of 206,700 hectares, more than triple the figure for 2003.

The Afghan narcotics situation, 'represents an enormous threat to world stability, said the report, issued Friday.

It listed opium production at 4,950 metric tons, 17 times more than second place Myanmar.

Opium poppy is the raw material for heroin.

The massive study, covering the illicit narcotics situation in 2004 in virtually all countries, was transmitted to the Congress by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on behalf of President Bush."

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