Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Legacy of the Repuglicans

What the acquiescence of Republican supporters have made possible:

• Imprisonment without trial

• Abrogation of the Geneva Convention

• Torture as standard operating procedure for the US Army

• The end of minority participation in the legislative process

• The end of a transparent election process

• Gulags in Cuba, Egypt, and Afghanistan

• Free-speech “Zones”

• Publicly-financed propaganda

• One party media

• Public policy directed by CEO

• Pre-emptive invasion of other sovereign countries

• Refusal to participate in a World Court

• Legislation directed at enriching supporters from the public coffers

• Rewriting of environmental laws by polluters

• Orwellian legislation of "Clear Skies" and "Healthy Forests" that call for more air pollution and rampant logging of old growth forests

• Twin ballooning deficits of trade and domestic that threaten to implode our economy; at this pace in thirty-five years every dollar of revenue will be required to pay interest on the debt

• "No Child Left Behind" with no funding


Steve said...

The cornerstone of the Bush Admistration legacy is responding to Bin Laden in exactly the way Bin Laden hoped we would.

Great, fiesty blog! Thanks.

Steve Bremner said...

Exactly right. By tricking us into turning America into a fascist state Bin Laden achieves his goal of destroying America.