Wednesday, March 30, 2005 - Fueled by Fourteeners

Aron Ralston, who will always be known as the "guy who cut off his hand" becomes the first person to solo all the fourteeners in calendar winter. Quite an achievement. I think I've done about five (in winter that is... I have climbed all 54). Last year he completed the Leadville Trail 100 mile race (I dropped out at the 87 mile point). - EXTREMES: "Much of what the world has yet to learn about Aron Ralston can be summed up in a quote from international mountain climber Walter Bonatti.

'Mountains are the means, man is the end,' Bonatti said. 'The goal is not to reach the tops of mountains, but to improve the man.'

The quote is posted on a link to Ralston's website, titled 'My Colorado 14ers Project: Winter Soloing Colorado's 14,000-foot Peaks.'"

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