Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Head of Colorado Young Republicans connected to forced removal of citizens at Bush Public Event

Jay Bob Klinkerman, head of Colorado Young Republicans, is Uncovered by Denver 3 in Connection to Their Forced Removal at Bush Public Event, But Mystery Man Who Allegedly Criminally Impersonated a Secret Service Agent Still Not Revealed by WH:

Klinkerman Contradicts White House Spokesman Scott McClellan Saying Mystery Man Was Not Local Volunteer, As White House Stalls on Revealing Alleged Criminal’s Identity

For five years, the Bush Whites House has been denying entry to American taxpayer funded presidential events to people they suspect of being Democrats, opposing the Iraq War, or who have been critical of Bush. Sometimes, as in West Virginia, this has led to people being arrested for exercising their First Amendment rights. It is how business is conducted in a dictatorship not a democracy.

BuzzFlash has been covering this Constitutionally prohibited White House activity since Bush was sworn in. Each time, the White House claims it was due to 'overzealous' local volunteers, but in a recent Washington Post, a White House spokesman indicated that the Bush Administration didn't want anyone at the events who 'didn't respect the President,' to paraphrase him."

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