Monday, September 05, 2005 3 Duke students tell of 'disgraceful scene'

No more excuses... Please no more spin... The reality is utter and disgraceful incompetency... 3 Duke students tell of 'disgraceful scene':

" 'We found it absolutely incredible that the authorities had no way to get there for four or five days, that they didn't go in and help these people, and we made it in a two-wheel-drive Hyundai,' said Hans Buder, who made the trip with his roommate Byrd and another student, David Hankla.

Buder's account -- told by cell phone Sunday evening as the trio neared Montgomery, Ala., on their way home -- chronicled a three-day odyssey that began when the students, angered by the news reports they were seeing on CNN, loaded up their car with bottled water and headed for the Gulf coast to see if they could lend a hand."

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