Tuesday, September 20, 2005

No Place for a Poet at a Banquet of Shame

The Nation:

"...the poet Sharon Olds has declined to attend the National Book Festival in Washington, which, coincidentally or not, takes place September 24, the day of an antiwar mobilization in the capital. Olds, winner of a National Book Critics Circle Award and professor of creative writing at New York University, was invited along with a number of other writers by First Lady Laura Bush to read from their works. Three years ago artist Jules Feiffer declined to attend the festival's White House breakfast as a protest against the Iraq War ('Mr. Feiffer Regrets,' November 11, 2002)."

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David Campbell said...

I understand, but I think most people use anything and everything as an excuse to complain about Bush.

I just see it as people using death and tragety to play politics.