Wednesday, September 14, 2005

SB turned around here at 1100 on September 13th, after nearly 11 miles and more than 5,000' of elevation gain. The turnaround decision was made after great reluctance based on my philosophy that "the mountain isn't going anywhere". It was later in the day than I had planned to be at this point, an ominous grey cloud was overtaking the peak, the class 4 climb had the added difficulties of snow and ice, I was alone. I turned back with extreme reluctance after the considerable work I had put in to make it this far. The guide book I consulted recommended the month of August as the optimum time to climb this remote peak. I think September is better due to the much fewer thunderstorms, but then again there is the freak snowstorm that can throw a wrench into the machinery. Early snow is the worst, because it is loose and unconsolidated. It conceals the rocks, but does nothing to cushion their edges... Posted by Picasa

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