Sunday, March 05, 2006

23 Stitches

I took a fall coming down the Barr Trail just above "No-Name Creek". Just over three miles up the trail there is a prominent rock formation we call "Elephant Rock" because it is shaped like an Elephant complete with tusk. After running as high as the Bottomless Pit sign this morning, about 7.5 miles up the trail, I barreled back down the mountain only to lose my footing at Elephant Rock. Sailing through the air with the greatest of ease I slammed my shoulder into the rock before careening down on the Pikes Peak granite gravel, opening two wide fissures in my knee. I sat there for a couple minutes in shock before I looked at the damage. Wow! There was quite a gap opening in my knee. Might as well run down the mountain--better than waiting for the helicopter. After four hours in the ER at Fort Carson under the care of a very competent SF Medic I was on my way home, complete with splint and 23 sutures. Posted by Picasa

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Anonymous said...

Ouch, Steve, that one merits a double "*"! If I remember rightly, didn't you have a fall between the Bottomless Pit Sign and Barr Camp too? You should have got a whole bunch of Bandaids from Neal!
Joking aside, I hope you are recovering okay - please, don't take pictures on the run again!!!!
Best wishes, Fred Wright.