Sunday, March 26, 2006

Exxon Secrets

I'm listening to last Friday's Podcast of Democracy Now! about how Exxon-Mobil through their proxy Public Interest Watch (they receive their funding almost exclusively through Exxon) and with complicity from the Bush administration pushed the IRS to audit Greenpeace through false claims of money laundering. Greenpeace came out of the audit with flying colors. Exxon Mobil is upset because of the Greenpeace web site Exxon Secrets that catalogues how Exxon-Mobil is seeking to obscure and confuse the public with regard to Global Warming. Link to the article on Democracy Now.

Some years from now when the entire world is mobilized to address the consequences of Global Warming we will look back and ask "Why did we wait so long?" It won't be enough to say "because Exxon and the Bush Administration obscured the facts." We ourselves will be to blame for not informing ourselves and for not paying attention. This both angers me and makes me sad.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks to good reporting, it came out that this audit was nothing other than an Exxon smear campaign.
Much thanks to the folks at Greenpeace who work hard to exxpose exxon and fight against Global Warming.