Thursday, March 23, 2006

Environmentalists decry Korean sea wall |

This environmental nightmare was dead in its tracks in 2003 when I lived in Korea. The Australians were of course up in arms when they learned that some 500,000 migratory birds who stopped off in the tidal flats on the way to their country were dieing in droves as a result of this ill-planned endeavor. I was surprised to find this item today in the news stating that they are back on track with the project. They are not only on track to destroy some 500,000 bird's habitat, but they are destroying a way of life for the local Koreans who lived off the tidal flats for generations, and for what?? Not to reclaim land for rice growing as was originally claimed--NO!! to build a 540 hole golf course and industrial parks. Where are the customers for these industrial parks going to come from?? Unknown. Korea -- wake up and take claim to your environmental heritage!! Environmentalists decry Korean sea wall |

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