Thursday, March 09, 2006

John Pilger | The Secret War

John Pilger | The Secret War: " In East Timor, I found a country littered with graves, their black crosses crowding the eye: crosses on peaks, crosses in tiers on the hillsides, crosses beside the road. They announced the murder of entire communities, from babies to the elderly. In 2000, when the East Timorese, displaying a collective act of courage with few historical parallels, finally won their freedom, the United Nations set up a truth commission; on 24 January, its 2,500 pages were published. I have never read anything like it. Using mostly official documents, it recounts in painful detail the entire disgrace of East Timor's blood sacrifice. It says that 180,000 East Timorese were killed by Indonesian troops or died from enforced starvation. It describes the 'primary roles' in this carnage of the governments of the United States, Britain and Australia. America's 'political and military support were fundamental' in crimes that ranged from 'mass executions to forced resettlements, sexual and other horrific forms of torture as well as abuse against children.' Britain, a co-conspirator in the invasion, was the main arms supplier. If you want to see through the smokescreen currently around Iraq, and understand true terrorism, read this document."

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