Thursday, March 30, 2006

Southeast Utah

I'm on my way to SE Utah to hike canyons for a week with Sam the Wolfdog. Just Sam and I alone for seven days on the trails looking for Anasazi ruins. We'll hike into Grand Gulch Primitive area from Bullet Canyon, turn left down Kane to the San Juan River, then emerge to Cedar Mesa via Slickhorn Canyon. I love solitude and I haven't had a chance to get out by myself alone recently.

This will be my third time hiking the canyons of this region of Utah. In 1999 Sam and I hiked from Todie Canyon, up Kane Canyon and then down canyon well past Pollie's Pasture before emerging on Cedar Mesa via Bullet Canyon. I returned the next year with my daughter Natalie to explore Fish, Owl and Road Canyons.

Sam the Wolfdog is more than nine years old now and doesn't move as quickly or agilely. We'll take it slow and soak in the sunshine and marvel once again at the cliff dwellings abandoned more than 700 years ago...

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