Monday, March 13, 2006

Senate Again Considers Disastrous Arctic Drilling Plan

Call your Senator now to urge them to vote no on a budget resolution sneaking in drilling in the ANWR. It may come up as early as Thursday this week.
NRDC Action Fund - Fighting in Congress for our Environment: "President Bush’s plan to drill the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge was defeated last year thanks to an outcry from millions of environmental activists like you. Now, the Senate leadership is again poised to pass a budget bill that would doom the Refuge to drilling and industrialization. Instead of having a full and open debate -- and vote -- on the fate of the Arctic Refuge, they are trying to sneak it in to the federal budget. On March 9, the Senate Budget Committee passed a budget resolution that includes a provision designed exclusively to allow drilling in the Arctic Refuge. "

After initially underestimating the size of an oil spill onto the tundra in Alaska’s Prudhoe Bay, BP has reported that the spill is “the largest ever on the North Slope.” Meanwhile, Sen. Ted Stevens (R-AK) continues to push for Arctic Refuge drilling.

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