Friday, December 24, 2004

Morning sub-zero run

Sam the Wolfdog and I ventured out this morning for a run in temperatures hovering around zero. I live on what is now the northeast edge of Colorado Springs. North of my home is a three-mile expanse of fenced pasture land that culminates at the Black Forest--a forest in name only as it is mostly subdivided into 2-5 acres tracts and dotted with homes. They are rapidly building roads across the pasture lands and I avoid going out there unless there is no activity. Coloradans are very techy about trespassers. So, I took this opportunity on Christmas Eve in frigid temperatures to monitor their progress.

I crossed the new extension of Powers Blvd (in construction), then we squeezed through the barbed wire fence and into the pasture land. After about a mile we reached what I believe is the graded extension of Briargate Boulevard. Looking east I noticed three coyotes--well aware of our presence. They were down wind from us, so Sam was unaware. Where will these coyotes go once the road is completed?

I thought about the little red fox I often saw wandering in our neighborhood. A few months ago I heard someone racing around late at night. The next morning I saw the lifeless body of the fox at a 4-way stop a block from our house. I haven't seen any more foxes around here.

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