Sunday, December 19, 2004

Ute Trail to Waldo Canyon Run

Joined the Incline Club for one of our classic runs today: Manitou Springs--Ute--Waldo--return. Ran it about 15 minutes faster than the last time we did it three weeks ago--2hrs29min. Feeling fit! Rebekka also made a massive improvement, running the circuit in 3hrs3min--12 minutes faster than three weeks ago!! 12 minutes is massive!

Our government has attempted to keep the true situation in Fallujah under wraps. After declaring the operation finished a week after the offensive began in early November, they stopped saying soldiers were dying in Fallujah, but instead have been saying Anbar province. Conveniently, Fallujah lies inside Anbar province so they are not technically lying. Do you find that sneaky and less than above board? Read this shocker:Tomgram: Michael Schwartz on America's Fallujan dystopia

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