Thursday, December 23, 2004

Stem Cell Research in the world

We are going to be left behind on account of our idiotic evangelicists/fundamentalists (read: neandrathals) who have the ear of our prez.

With the many restrictions on stem cell research in the U.S. and in some
other countries, it's worth noting what a team of the UK's best stem cell
researchers (quite well supported in the UK) had to say when they
recently visited several Asian countries:

"[The] UK delegation ... found a staggering level of technology and
commitment being put into stem cell research. The group of UK science
types visited Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul, and Singapore in September,
and what they saw left them picking their jaws up off the floor. "I
came back blown away by the whole thing," one said. "It was
mind-boggling to everybody.""

[Comparing stem cell work in the UK and the U.S. to what they found in
Asia]: "We're talking; they're doing."

"Stem Cells In Asia"
The Scientist, Nov. 22, 2004

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