Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Voting Fraud

A symposium on Voting Fraud in Ohio was held today in the nation's capital. I listened to parts of it on Air America radio this morning. It really is appalling. It's not "shenanigans", let's call it what it is: Fraud. , which is run by Bev Harris has her entire book "Blackbox Voting" on the web site in PDF format.

The Black Box refers to these voting machine computers that don't have a paper trace and are imminently hackable. A former voting machine programmer explains just how easy this is. As he puts it "a 3-year-old could write the script to flip votes".

Read the book Blackbox Voting. It will amaze and infuriate you. If we don't do anything about this then the president might just as well be King. He won't be accountable to anyone but the one's who pay his ticket.

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