Saturday, December 25, 2004

North Colorado Springs

Today I ran again north of my house and into the pasture land between Colorado Springs and Black Forest. After I reached the Briargate Blvd extension I crossed the North/South fence and followed the newly graded road. We came up on a black dog with a rope still dangling from its collar. It ran into the distance, occasionally stopping to monitor our progress. Once it stopped and barked before turning to run again.

After running as far as they have completed the road north and east, we turned and ran back all the way to Union Blvd on the under-construction road, to where Briargate Blvd now ends. It's now apparent that the entire pastureland will be filled with houses and roads and very soon.

With the houses will come big box stores: Walmarts, strip malls, fast food. This is how we live today.

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