Sunday, November 06, 2005

Boise Marathon

In today's Boise Marathon, miraculously only a couple of drops of precipitation fell on my head early into the race. However, about 15 minutes after I had finished in 3:02 the skies unleashed a torrent. Pretty good run, flat course, very nice through the "City of Trees", nice neighborhoods, ran with the guy who won Masters (I was 2nd masters) almost the entire run, made for good conversation which made the race go easy. I had a couple of bad miles around 23, but woke up at the 25 mile mark and finished strong. The mile markers were off in the last miles which made it confusing. I was unable to gauge what I needed to do to go under 3 until it was almost too late. I hit 25M at 2:53 and really made a good go at making the sub-3 happen.... 2:36 won it.... Two women went by me in the last 4 miles and the winning woman's time was 2:59. I am happy with my 74th marathon and 39th state marathon...see my other web site for the complete list.

Next marathon: "Valley of Fire Trail Marathon" in NV two weeks hence....

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Congratulations for your performance at the Boise Marathon.