Thursday, November 24, 2005 Government by Dirty Tricks

Nice little web site I just discovered has this on our present shell-shocked state of democracy:
Government by Dirty Tricks

GWB's economic professor at Harvard: "He showed pathological lying habits and was in denial when challenged on his prejudices and biases. He would even deny saying something he just said 30 seconds ago. He was famous for that. . . .

Students who challenged and embarrassed Bush in class would then become the subject of a whispering campaign by him, Tsurumi said. “In class, he couldn’t challenge them. But after class, he sometimes came up to me in the hallway and started bad-mouthing those students who had challenged him. He would complain that someone was drinking too much. It was innuendo and lies. So that’s how I knew, behind his smile and his smirk, that he was a very insecure, cunning and vengeful guy."

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Mr. Natural said...

THAT really makes sense! One can see that in this small paranoid person who thinks he is the leader of the "feee" world.